All My Single Mothers…All My Single Mothers….

As a single mother, I go through many challenges in raising my only son, Vaughn (age 17). I’m preparing for that day that he will one day leave me for college, military and life. He has no idea what his future holds, nor do I, but I want him to  know that no matter what,Continue reading “All My Single Mothers…All My Single Mothers….”

Media Junkie Chick Rocks The Mic: One On One w/ Tasha Simone of Hot 1077 B’ham!

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We met in LA! We walked down Rodeo Drive like we owned it! Taking selfies and waving at strangers as if we were in a parade! In addition to the other radio chicks that I met during our 24 hour trip to LA for the Baggage Claim junket, radio personality Tasha Simone…

One Paparrazi Chick Even Kanye West Would Love: One on One w/ Quinn Conyers

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Quinn Conyers is a woman with ambition, spunk, a vision and talent! She knows it too! She doesn’t just settle for the NOW. She focuses on the TOMORROW. I met Quinn when she started working as an account executive for Radio One Baltimore; later to find out we have a mutual acquaintance…

The Royal Hypeness Chick: One on One w/ AngieAnge of WKYS

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I’m in my Operations Manager’s office and I’m talking to him about my dreams of starting a non profit. He offers his advice and support, then gets on the phone. I’m like “did this dude just make a phone call in the middle of our conversation?” The person he called was…

This Chick Is In The Zone: One On One w/ Autumn Joi of 92Q Jams

She’s the newest radio personality you hear weeknights and some weekends on 92Q Jams (Baltimore, MD) who has an extensive radio history with a few top markets. Her name is Autumn Joi and I met her in passing several months ago. I had no idea who she was and after asking several people, I stillContinue reading “This Chick Is In The Zone: One On One w/ Autumn Joi of 92Q Jams”