The “All Of The Above” Chick: One on One w/ April Sampe

I have NEVER met a woman so confident in my life until I met April Sampe. I don’t mean conceited-confident! I mean knowing you’re talented, beautiful, exotic, and flawed confident. I mean a woman who can make a funeral turn up just by walking in the room, confident! (OK, that was a bit much, butContinue reading “The “All Of The Above” Chick: One on One w/ April Sampe”

Kissi Who? Kissi B Tru Baby!!!!

Hmmm…when did I first hear Kissi B Tru sing? I think about 5 years ago when she sang at Empowerment Temple. I didn’t know her but I remembered her face since then. The next time I saw her sing was when she performed a few times at a few functions around town, then at myContinue reading “Kissi Who? Kissi B Tru Baby!!!!”