About This RadioChick…


Ki Ki Brown, Radio Personality, CEO and Public Figure

Known to her audience as the “Pretty Kitty On Ya Radio”, Ki Ki Brown is a radio veteran for close to 25 years, starting her career as an intern at the original 106 Jams WAMO in the mid-90s. She began her journey in promotions as part of the street team, then moving up to on-air where she dominated her daypart consecutively until her departure in 2007.

In 2008, she moved to Baltimore to work middays on 92Q Jams, where she held that spot for 8 years. She became a fill-in for 93.9 WKYS in Washington, DC, and Radio 103.9 in New York City. All this while working as a full-time traffic anchor for the Total Traffic and Weather Network. She held that position for a year before moving back to her hometown of Pittsburgh to be close to her family and host afternoon on WAMO 100 in 2016.

Additional titles include:

You can find Ki Ki on social media:

  • Twitter @RadioChickBrown
  • Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat @PrettyKittyOnYaRadio
  • LinkedIn @KiKiBrown

Hobbies include spending time with family, friends, her dog “Beau” and learning photography.

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