About The Hey Girl Hey Podcast

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast

Ki Ki Brown, LaShawn Tipton, and Gerri Tipton

Hey Girl Hey Podcast is a safe space where 3 women come together and express what’s on their minds as a topic pertains to life, career, relationships (good and bad) and everything in between. 

Hosts LaShawn Tipton (The Chatter Chick), Ki Ki Brown (The Radio Chick), and Gerri Tipton (The Millennial Chick) all have a way of approaching every topic discussed in the show through personal experience and they share those experiences in depth and in truth. 

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast can be heard Saturday mornings (9:30A) on Urban Media Today by way of Live365 and Tune In. Past episodes can be heard on SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Anchor FM


Where to find us!
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Apple Podcast
  • Anchor FM

Another ZOOM Podcast w/ Paige Mitchell (far left) and Kimberly Callaway (bottom right) as our special guests this week.

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 2): Paige Mitchell and Kimberly Callaway [AUDIO]

This week, LaShawn, Gerri, and Ki Ki are joined by two powerful women in the media and medicine, Kimberly Callaway and Paige Mitchell. The ladies discuss black hair vs COVID 19 (the struggle is real), how a woman is looking for a new man while her current man fights for his life after testing positive for the Coronavirus and why #Karen is so upset.

If you’re into audio podcasts, click the SoundCloud to hear this week’s episode:

For past episodes of The Hey Girl Hey Podcast, click here


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