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Time to sip this HOT TEA, sis!

Word on the curb is rapper Eminem found himself in a dangerous situation when an intruder broke into his Detroit home. He didn’t steal anything. Em wasn’t too alarmed but he was a little pissed when he was the one who found the guy and not his security. I’m sure they’ll be a mandatory Zoom meeting about this in the future. (SOURCE)

The internet had to push RESET when Megan The Stallion released her new “Savage” remix that included a special bar-drop by the Queen Bee (Beyonce) herself! The new single hit all online streaming services and it didn’t take long for everyone to jump on and share their true feelings about the remix! (oh, it’s a smash! Definitely). No surprise here! Bey did say “I sneeze on the beat and the beat got sickah!” She wasn’t lying! Plus, this marked an emotional occasion for the Houston rapper who just last year, lost her mother to brain cancer. She shared on her IG live that her mom was a Bey fan too and they would listen to Beyonce’s music. When she met Beyonce for the first time, she was super excited. You can see her reaction here. Click this link for more.

Finally, and I figured this was coming, Kim Kardashian-West is getting a little tired of being the only one parenting her children that she shares with mega star rapper-turned pastor-turned artist-turned, who knows this week, Kanye West. She shared on social media that she’s been the one who has to handle the kids when he’s busy “creating” and she’s getting a little tired of it. Has she reached her limit like the rest of us? We shall see. (SOURCE)

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Word on the curb is…

Azriel Clary, former girlfriend to defamed singer R. Kelly, says he spent millions of dollars on getting new girlfriends and taking care of them, personal trainers, doctors, and stylists but not a therapist. She provides more in detail on what she encountered when she was with R. Kelly and girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage. Currently, Clary and Savage aren’t speaking after a physical altercation which was shared on social media. (The Jasmine Brand)

Rapper Scarface has revealed that he was on dialysis and recovering from COVID 19. He described it as one of the worst he’s ever felt in his life and encourages people to take this pandemic seriously. (The Jasmine Brand)

Trap star, 2 Chainz decided not to re-open his Atlanta restaurants after receiving backlash on social media when he said despite of what the world was going through, he was going to re-open Monday (April 27). The twitter trolls spared not time criticizing his defiance. It worked! (The Jasmine Brand)

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