Word On The Curb Is…Arrest Warrant Issued for Odell Beckham, Jr. For Butt Slap [AUDIO]


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When the celebration gets a little out of HAND when you use your HAND to slap a police officer on the butt, gets you an arrest warrant. NFL star and LSU alum, Odell Beckham, Jr. got a little too excited after LSU won the national championship. The player got so excited, he slapped a New Orleans police officer on the butt, which unbeknownst to Beckham, Jr., is considered an assault. Fortunately, the officer isn’t pressing charges but the lesson here is (for Odelle) keep your hands to yourself!

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Talkshow host Wendy Williams is under fire for a cleft lip comment she made (apologizing for afterward) about actor Juaquin Phoenix. This sparked up a war of words on Twitter when a “former” fan criticized Williams about her actions, saying he expected more from the media diva. A petition has been issued to fire Williams for her actions. This story is developing. Click here for more on this story. 

The baby mama drama continues for NFL quarterback Cam Newton and his ex-girlfriend (and mother of his children) Kia Proctor. Proctor filed papers against Newton asking for financial support for their children, her expenses and more! It’s getting messy! Click here for more on this story.

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Word On The Curb Is…Three Women Claim Sexual Assault Against Mogul Russell Simmons [AUDIO]


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Defamed music mogul, Russel Simmons is under fire from three (3) new accusers who recently came forward claiming sexual assault. The women wrote an open letter addressing him personally stating they “will not be intimidated.” Simmons denies all allegations and has since issued a statement. Click here for more.

Former Rocafella Records Founder, Dame Dash is suing WeTV with claims the network let his son drink on the show “Growing Up Hip Hop”; something Dash claims he expressed he was highly against it. There is an alleged court order that states the network was to pay Dash’s creditors as he’s recently fallen to dire straights but this did not happen. Click here for more.

Finally (and I mean FINALLY), the new season premiere date of ‘Insecure’ (HBO) has been released. Creator and executive producer, Issa Rae has been in high demand filming new movies and writing new shows, the production for ‘Insecure’ was on hold to start filming. Set your DVRs for April 12th! Click here for more!

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Word On The Curb Is…Swizz Beats and His Baby Mama Get Super Messy-Texts Revealed [AUDIO]


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Super award-winning producer, Swizz Beats and his ex are taking their drama out into the streets (text messages have been revealed) where the two exchange threats and harsh words that also involve his Grammy award-winning wife, Alicia Keys. Neither Beats or Keys have made any comments confirming or denying allegations made by his “baby mama” but if you read the texts, we’re hoping to get some kind of explanation soon. Click here for more.

Joycelyn Savage‘s mug shot has been revealed to the public, courtesy of TMZ. You can tell in the photo, Savage wasn’t too happy about being arrested and charged for assault against her “sister/friend” and now ex-girlfriend to her boyfriend, defamed singer, R. Kelly. Azriel Clary claims she was sexually assaulted by Savage during her time with R. Kelly; stating she had sex with her when she was a minor. Kelly’s lawyers are denying these claims and this story is still developing. Click here for more. 

The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame has released its Class of 2020 list of inductees which include legendary singer, the late Whitney Houston and slain rapper, Notorious B.I.G. The two icons will be added to the hip hop & R&B category along with Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson. So even in the end, Biggie and Tupac are back together again! WOW! Click here for more.

Finally, Lori Harvey is still the topic of discussion as it’s been revealed that the “socialite” could serve a year in jail from a hit and run incident months ago. The 23-year-old step-daughter of comedian/radio show and talk show host, Steve Harvey was arrested shortly after the incident where her G-wagon struck another vehicle, causing her vehicle to flip onto its side. Fortunately, no one was injured but witnesses claim Harvey was seen moments before the accident texting and driving. If she’s found guilty, she could face a year behind bars. More than likely, her lawyers will agree to community service or something. She doesn’t seem too bothered (according to her IG page). Click here for more on this story.

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Word On The Curb is…HFPD Won’t Back AB Up Anymore! Rips Donation Checks [AUDIO]


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Wherever “it’s going down”, Atlanta rapper and Love & Hip Hop ATL castmate, Yung Joc might be the rideshare driver to get you there. Before you assume he’s fallen on hard times, Joc says it’s a way to show our younger generation responsibility and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you have to take on an extra hustle (or two). He’s doing fine (we think). Click the link for more! 


If you’re ever in Mississippi, for whatever reason, try hard NOT to get arrested and sent to prison. Your stay there won’t be a pleasant one. Fortunately for those too hard to listen to the warning, two big-name celebrities are working hard to make sure the prisons in Mississippi are less inhumane for inmates. Rapper and Mississippi native, Yo Gotti and mogul Jay Z are making every effort to get the attention of the government in the southern state. You may have to wait on that armed robbery attempt. Nothing’s been confirmed yet. Click here for more. 

Welp! Antonio Brown can forget about getting the support of the Hollywood, Florida Police Department for anything else in the near future. It looks like the incident that took place early December caused the HFPD to decide to no longer accept any further donations from the defamed wide receiver to support the department’s 7-on-7 league. They also warned Brown in an official statement that he’s no longer allowed to practice at their football facility or else he’ll be arrested for trespassing. I hope he won’t need any back up any time soon! You know AB’s in trouble pretty much every week nowadays. Click here for more! 

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Word On The Curb Is… Socialite Lori Harvey Charged on 23rd Birthday! [AUDIO]


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While socialite Lori Harvey spent her 23rd birthday on the islands with her “new bew” Future, the world found out she was charged with a hit & run from an accident earlier this year where it was reported she allegedly smashed into another car and tried to leave the scene. Click here for the full story.

Lori Harvey

Former Pittsburgh Steeler WR, Antonio Brown is in the news again for being super petty with a bag of gummy penises! Yup! While in a recent argument he had with one of his baby mamas, it was reported Brown was upset that his ex wouldn’t leave his Florida home where cops were called to defuse the situation. Antonio angrily spewed hurtful slurs at his ex (while his children were present) and threw gummy-shaped penises at her in the street. I’m not sure where he got them from or WHY he had them, but I’m not judging AT ALL! (insert side-eye) Click the link for more!

Antonio Brown

The former reality star and mega rap sensation, Cardi B has recently expressed an interest in politics. She’s reported as saying she might try her hand at local government even though she doesn’t fully agree with all that’s going on. She posted a rant about the lack of patriotism and claims she “barely see people claiming they LOVE being American”. Honestly, Cardi, and I’m just speaking for myself, it’s hard to love a country that doesn’t show love to our own. But Imma let you finish.

Cardi B

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Finally, Miami rapper Trick Daddy was arrested over the weekend for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine possession. It was reported that Trick was driving recklessly early in the morning and hit street signs and ran multiple traffic lights. When cops arrived, he “appeared to be asleep behind the wheel” (The Jasmine Brand) He has since bonded out of jail and is responding to twitter trolls who have something to say about his recent mug shot which tells a different story about what might have happened before all this went down. But you be the judge (shrug).

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Trick Daddy


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Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Jan 11, 2020 FULL EPISODE [AUDIO/VIDEO]


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The ladies are joined by Pittsburgh businessman, Chef Claudy Pierre, owner of Arnold’s Tea to discuss the hot topics on Lizzo, R. Kelly, women fighting over men, fat-shaming, and why comedian/talk show co-host, Loni Love feels black men are unfaithful because of slavery.

Check out a video-snippet from this week’s episode:

In this week’s episode of the Hey Girl Hey Podcast: 

Segment ONE: Defamed R&B singer R. Kelly’s girlfriends Azriel Clary & Joycelyn Savage were filmed in Chicago at the Trump Tower fighting on Azriel’s IG Live, which later caused Savage to turn herself into police. Azriel claims (well confesses) Savage did indeed have sex with her while she was underage and how Kelly made them lie to the media about all of what was going on.

Segment TWO: Former Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels was scrutinized for criticizing singer Lizzo on her weight. Saying we need to just be praising her for her music, not her weight because it’s unhealthy and she could die (not her words).

Segment THREE: “The Real” talk show co-host/comedian Loni Love says black men can’t be faithful because of their former slave lives:

“In the black community… I don’t speak for the black community but I do think that a lot of black men, they really don’t know how to have true, faithful, relationships. They think because they have money, they have power, that they can treat women any kind of way.” 

Segment FOUR: Rapper Lil’ Boosie was criticized for wearing a Kappa Alpha Psi shirt to an NBA game. He’s not a Kappa! He wore it to show support and it was red. PLUS, why can’t he when the Kappas start shimmying down the isles as soon as “Wipe Me Down” come on?


This week’s episode will be available to Apple Podcast, Spotify, SoundCloud and Anchor FM on Monday.

Word On The Curb Is…Joycelyn Savage Reunites With Her Family [AUDIO]


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Joycelyn Savage finally has a face to face meeting with her family and this right after she bonded out of jail from an alleged assault with former “girlfriend/sister” (whatever you call this thing) with Azriel Clary.

Speaking of Azriel Clary she’s ready to spill the beans or the hot tea on her “relationship” between Savage and R. Kelly; claiming they both had sex with her when she was a minor. Thing is, she’s afraid it may all backfire since she lied to the feds previously.

I hope Jussie Smollett sent some good and friendly emails and text messages to his manager because a Cook County judge wants Google to surrender er’thing from Nov 2018-Nov 2019. (uh oh) That includes voice messages and videos! Lord, I hope he didn’t send any d*ck pics! That’s embarrassing!

Finally, Oprah Winfrey denies reports that she’s to blame for the Royal Family break up between Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry. She said they don’t need her help to build their brand. They can do it themselves! Do you believe her?

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This Week on The Hey Girl Hey Podcast [VIDEO]


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The ladies of the Hey Girl Hey Podcast are joined by Pittsburgh businessman, Chef Claudy Pierre of Arnold’s Tea to “spill the tea” on #lizzo#fatshaming#rkelly#girlfights👊 #blackgreeks vs. #nonGreeks and why #lonilove says #blackmen are #unfaithful (#slavery)


Check out the clip:

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Word On The Curb Is…The Kappas Are Coming for Lil’ Boosie for Wearing Para (he’s not a member btw) [AUDIO]


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Word on the curb is the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi (and some of their fans) are a bit ticked off at rapper Lil’ Boosie for reppin’ their organization at a Houston Rockets game. The rapper took to social media after he posted a picture of himself wearing a sweater that included the Greek letters for the prestigious black Greek organization.

The former girlfriend of singer R. Kelly, Azriel Clary has pressed charges on Joycelyn Savage for assault and allegedly a sexual assault charge as she claims Savage had sex with her (when she was a minor). Both women were caught on Azriel’s IG live video arguing and soon after getting into an altercation where punches were thrown.

These women were extremely close months ago but when their “daddy” got locked up on multiple sex assault charges, it got a little uncomfortable for them to keep up their lavish lifestyle. Clary has since moved out of Kelly’s Trump Tower condo.


Finally, Lizzo is the subject of fat-shaming (again). This time, the shaming comes from former Biggest Loser trainer, Jilian Michaels who claims to be a fan of the Grammy nominee but is more concerned about the singer’s weight versus her music.

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Breaking News: R. Kelly’s “Girlfriends” Fight EACH OTHER…Say what???


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Today marks defamed singer, R. Kelly’s 53rd birthday and as he enjoys a nice hot bowl of ramen noodles and a twinkie, his former girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage are found on social media “boxing it out”! All this caught on Clary’s IG live page.

The Jasmine Brand is reporting…

An explosive fight took place today (January 8th) today between R. Kelly’s girlfriend Azriel Clary and a woman who appears to be Joyceln Savage, who is also said to be his girlfriend. The altercation took place on Azriel Clary’s Instagram Live. Based on Azriel’s footage, a confrontation took place between her and Joycelyn at a residence.

In the clip, you can hear Azriel confront a woman who appears to be Joycelyn. The pair start yelling and Azriel’s phone drops to the floor and it sounds like some type of fight is happening. Someone can be heard trying to separate the women.



Looks like things between the ladies have changed dramatically as reports surfaced Azriel moved into her own apartment and has been speaking out about her “relationship” with the singer and with Savage.

We can thank Surviving R. Kelly (part two) for this recent development. Stay close… it looks like there’s more coming!



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