Word On The Curb Is…Alicia Keys Freaked Out Moments Before the Grammys [AUDIO]

Alicia Keys
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Alicia Keys seemed calm, cool and collected when millions watched this year’s Grammy Awards. Little did we all know, that moments before showtime, Keys revealed to Ellen Degeneres that she was freaking out backstage. She and everyone working on the show found out about the tragic accident that took the life of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant and 8 other passengers when we all learned of the news. So how did she recover? Click the link for more.

Gilbert Arenas
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Gilbert Arenas is the latest to share that he too

Word On The Curb Is…STAY HOME! [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is legendary hip hop group Public Enemy thought it was funny to reveal on April Fools that the rumor of the group firing front man Flava Flav, claiming he was hard to deal with so they suspended him for years was actually a publicity stunt to promote an upcoming album. What does one have to do with the other? Needless to say, the group is still together and they’re coming out with a new project. Good luck! (insert side-eye) Here’s more!

Singer, H.E.R. did something so amazing for her staff. She gifted them with an enormous monetary blessing to help them get through these rough times during the COVID 19 shut down. One of her background singers said it was more than just a bag of groceries! Hats off to H.E.R.! Click here for the full story

Finally, many of our favorite celebs are putting together personal messages via social media to warn their fans that it is absulutely necessary to stay home during the COVID 19 pandemic. Erykah Badu had a special message directed toward her hometown of Dallas. The Grammy award-winner adds “…be calm. But be prepared”. Read more here.

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Word On The Curb… Is Rihanna Is Ready For A Family [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is Jay Z and Rihanna have linked up again to help those in need during the COVID 19 devestation!

Rih Rih also mentioned that she’s looking to start a family soon either boo’d up or rollin’ solo! The Grammy-award winner says her clock is tickin’ and she ain’t got no time to waste! Oh! And she’s working on her new album. She only said she’s not confined to a box, there is no theme and the genre is reggae. Got it!

Finally, prayers are in order for legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff who confirmed that he is recovering from pnemonia (unsure if it was the coronavirus). He was quarantined and has suffered from loss of smell and taste which are also signs of COVID 19. Again, no one knows if he was tested and diagnosed but we’re happy he’s on the road to a healthy life!

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Word On The Curb Is The Tiger King Gets Revenge…Maybe [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is Chris Brown caught an intruder on video trying to climb a fence onto his property. The Grammy award-winning singer was out chillin’ with his homies when one of them spotted a woman trying to get onto his property until she met up with one of his guard dogs. The woman and Chris’s group exchanged salutations and that was that! Here’s the story.

I’m often on social media (I’m lying, I’m always on social media) and I tend to run across a few trending stories that get my attention. Some I swipe by and other stories are enough to double click to see what’s inside. This one particular hashtag, #TheTigerKing popped up a lot so I had to see what the buzz was about! It’s a Netflix docuseries about a tiger wrangler (who also happens to be gay, gun-toting, rockin’ a fly mullet) who finds himself under scrutiny by a woman who claims to want a better life for the animals he owns. The story has twists and turns and even I’m confused on who is guilty and/or innocent in the plot. Well, the feedback from the docuseries made so much noise, it got the attention of the authorities who have decided to re-open a cold case that involves the tiger lover (Carole Baskin) and her missing husband, Don. You have to watch it! You’ll find yourself shaking your head and clicking “next episode” at the same time. Click here for more on this story.

#StayHome is one of many messages circulating around the globe from those who are frustrated with the fact that people are ignoring warnings from the national and local authorities regarding the seriousness behind the Coronavirus (COVID-19). One warning comes from a Jet Blue flight attendant who recently tested positive. She recorded herself from her hospital bed urging those who continue to travel ground or air, to be more cautious and stay home if it’s not necessary to be out. I’d have to agree. If it’s not absolutely essential, keep it in the kitchen (or living room, dining room, basement, INSIDE). Click here for more.

Word On The Curb

Word On The Curb Is…Your Favorite Celebs Are Handling Their Corona-Quarantines Pretty Well…[AUDIO]

Word on the curb is, your favorite celebrities are handling their Corona-Quarantine’s pretty well; even those who have no choice like R. Kelly and Harvey Weinstein.

Reports are R. Kelly’s not making too much noise about being trapped in a cell (not closet) with a cellmate during this pandemic. His lawyers spoke on his behalf, saying his client isn’t asking to be in isolation and he’s not complaining. He said he’s handling it how anyone would if they were in the same predicament. Unfortunately, he’s unaware how many times a day he washes his hands,though. Wow! Click here for the full story.

Oprah, Wendy, and the Obamas are handling their stay at home celebrity lives like anyone else…on social media!

Oprah shared that she told her longtime man-friend Stedman that he had to stay in the guest house. She is not taking any chances and he didn’t fight her!

Although daytime talkshow host Wendy Williams doesn’t agree with the quarantine mandated by the government, she has decided to join in with everyone else and take her show on the social media “road” to record the “Wendy Show At Home” edition so fans can see what he’s been up to. She’s still rich and bored. No change there!

Finally, Michelle and Barack Obama are spending their downtime like the rest of us! Catching up on Netflix and just chillin (in my Martin voice). Ellen Degeneres called the former first lady (who still has a ring-back tone, mind you) to catch up and see how they were dealing with this whole ordeal. Nothing much to report; they’re still awesome!

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Word On The Curb…Magic City Has $20 Virtual Lap Dances [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is Atlanta “after-dark” landmark, Magic City found ways to embrace social distancing guidelines by offering $20 interactive lap dances to customers who are missing their one on one interaction with their friendly-neighborhood strippers (sorry, exotic dancers). Management has decided to offer the deal with requests through direct messaging on the company’s Instagram page. Customers can then send $20 via the club’s CashApp and enjoy! Talk about innovation!

Disgraced movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the Coronavirus according to sources. His camp has yet to respond but it is being reported that another inmate tested positive. Weinstein, 68, was recently sentenced to close to 30-years in prison for rape and criminal sexual assault. He was taken to Rikers Island in New York where it’s alleged other inmates were complaining of symptoms of COVID-19. Click here for the full story.

Finally, for those of you who were expecting to read the rumored novel based on Kim Kardashian‘s life and that infamous sex tape, you might have to wait a little longer. Reports are Kim’s camp is working very hard to stop the publishing of the book, written by an alleged former friend who although doesn’t mention Kim in the book but her likeness is described as well as the 5-million dollar deal Kardashian took to stop the circulation of the sex tape. No word from Kim Kardashian-West or Ray J (co-star) at this time. Guess some folks need something to do while self-quarantining. *Kanye shrug*

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Word On The Curb is…K Michelle Shares IVF Experience-Wants “Designer Baby” [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is reality star/R&B Diva, K. Michelle is sharing her surgical struggles once more with fans as she goes through IVF treatments. She says she struggles now during this difficult time as the world is dealing with the Coronavirus. In a recent interview, K. Michelle talks about wanting to have a girl but through her treatments, it looks like her body is producing boy embryos. There’s more, click here!

Erykah Badu has decided to host a special bedside concert for her self-quarantining fans out there who can’t get out and enjoy themselves on account of the COVID-19 virus. She’ll be performing some of your favorite songs (for $1) on Saturday…from her bedroom. If you’re interested in watching, click here!

The Jasmine Brand is reporting that multi-talented and award-winning choreographer/actress, Debbie Allen took to social media to dance for her fans. She held a special dance class and will be holding another for all to see this Saturday. Here are the deets!

Finally, Joseline Hernandez found out she lost custody of her 3-year old daughter, whom she shares with former “husband” and baby-daddy, Love & Hip Hop, super-producer, Stevie J. Thing is, she found out all while filming an episode on Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition. The Puerto Rican Princess didn’t take the news too well so an on set doctor took to her side to offer her some encouragement and suggested she say goodbye to her daughter Bonnie Bella for now. Joseline didn’t like that advice. Click here to see what happens next.

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Word On The Curb Is…Oprah Was NOT Arrested for Sex Trafficking! [AUDIO]

Photo by Juhasz Imre on Pexels.com

Word on the curb is Oprah Winfrey is responding to rumors that her Florida home was raided by police on suspicion that she was sex trafficking. The media mogul took to social media saying the rumors weren’t true and that like everyone else in the world, she’s self-quarantining and enjoying life! Don’t believe everything you hear/read on the internet, folks.

Drake could be the latest celebrity reported having the Corona Virus. Looks like the rapper/singer was seen dining with NBA baller, Kevin Durant days before he was tested and listed positive for having the virus. No word from Drake’s camp but he did post something on social media that he was home self-quarantining.

Finally, power couple, Ciara and her NFL bae, Russell Wilson donated 1 million meals to help feed deserving families in Seattle as a way to give back to the community during these trying times. Both celebrities taking to social media expressing the need for everyone to come forward and lend a hand to help the world cope during the pandemic.

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Photo by Juhasz Imre on Pexels.com

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Word On The Curb Is…Tami Roman Lands VH1 Show for Cheaters! [AUDIO]

Photo by Juhasz Imre on Pexels.com

Ok, so word on the curb is Basketball Wives star, Tami Roman has just confirmed that she’ll be hosting a new VH1 show for cheaters! The show is called “Unfaithful”. No set date on when it will air, but I’m happy for Tami! She’s a perfect fit for this one!

Me Too Movement motivator, Harvey Weinstein is whining to a judge asking for a reduction in his 29 year sexual assault/rape case. His lawyers are pulling all the stops to get his sentence reduced to 5 years by producing records of his past contributions to various charities and providing receipts of Weinstein and his accusers proving there was more to their claims that he raped them (basically saying the relationships were consensual and the women took advantage of his power). We’ll see what happens.

Finally, Claws star Niecy Nash and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jay Tucker will be officially divorced this coming June. Both have settled on who gets what which includes a 2016 Tesla going to Nash (she also keeps the California home and her production company “Chocolate Chick”). He gets the Ford F-150 and close to $200K from some property the couple sold after filing. The couple waived their rights to spousal support (smart) and they walk away as friends because they figured it was better that way. Adulting is fun, isn’t it?

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