Everybody Wants A Shugga Mama In Their Life: One On One w/ Shugga Mama Radio

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It was a late night, just before Christmas and I’m at an event at the Horseshoe Casino downtown Baltimore.

I have to meet my manager for a toy drive promoted by a few folks who had invited a few “industry” people to mingle and of course, donate some toys to some needy families.

It was a good night! I met a few people and even ran into a few Radio Chicks but one part of the night that was a truly a highlight was when I ran into the ladies of Shugga Mama Radio.

shugga mama 7

I had never heard of the show (until then) and I was truly inspired and excited to see two beautiful women doing their thing and hosting their own internet radio show that’s actually making some noise!

Since then, they’ve agreed to join me in the Urban Hang Suite and one of the hosts and I stay in contact with one another via social media.

So it was only right I ask for an interview! Why not?

Meet one half of Shugga Mama Radio (Radio On Fire) Miss Shamika Shantel:


Shugga Mama Radio 1

Station (market/format/timeslot): 

Radio On Fire is the home of ShuggaMama Radio. Live broadcast every Monday @ 6:30-8:30pm on Radioonfire.com.

How long have you been in the radio business? 

An exciting 2 years with many more great years ahead. Yes, I’m claiming it.


Have you ever been in any other markets? If so, where and for what station?

I also do party promotions, Event Planning, Public Relations for small businesses.


What is more enjoyable/different? 

I absolutely love radio and music but honestly, I enjoy the party planning more because I really just love seeing people having fun and enjoying life in the moment especially ones that I help create.

What was it about radio that struck your interest?

I love music and entertainment, so when I was presented with an opportunity to connect with people through music and conversation; I was like let’s do it!



Would you say it’s hard to work with/for women in radio than it is to work with/for men?

Honestly, working with women has been easier than I expected.  In the past I have not had the best of luck working with females other than my best friend.  I host the radio show with Chenelle Nicole and we both have diva moments but we have become good friends outside of business so those moments go right over our head like it never happened.

The women in radio have welcomed me with open arms, as well as the men.  Much love to Tiara Laniece DTLR Radio and Star Brooks WPB Networks. The love and support has definitely been overwhelming because I wasn’t expecting it but definitely received and appreciated.


What do you think is the most challenging being a talent in your career? 

Knowing that so many people are watching, listening, and JUDGING!  I’m learning not to go home with people opinions of me because those opinions of me haven’t paid one bill yet.  *snaps* Hmph!




Did you (or do you) have a mentor in radio? If so, who are they and what have they helped you on in reference to your career?

No, I wish I did.  I would love to have one. But when opportunity knocks trial and error works best for me.


What do you think about most female personalities “losing touch” with those who aspire to be where they are? Have you ever experienced this?

No haven’t.



How important is it for a female in your industry to reach out to other females to network, bond, learn, teach, etc?

It’s very important because coming together to be an inspiration to others.  We as woman have to learn how to uplift each other and come together.  There is power in numbers.  I’m actually working on an event now for teenage girls called L.I.L (Ladies Into Leaders) Tea Party.  I’m getting together a group of woman to speak and provide different resources to the city’s young ladies.
What makes a good radio talent?

Honestly I don’t know I am my worst critic and I’m still learning. But I do think you have to have tough skin you can’t always care about the negative things people have to say about you.


Is being an announcer where you want to retire?

Actually, no I want to produce radio and talk shows. I know it may be hard to believe but I’m a little shy; I rather be behind the scenes.


Do you want to lead in your industry at some point?  Oh Absolutely.


How challenging is it to come up with the topics of your show?

Not really, I always have so many crazy ideas in my head. What inspires you every day in reference to your show topics?  My friends we talk about the craziest things.  My show also highlights a lot of artists in the DMV so the talent also inspires a lot of the shows.
How do you respond to women in the media who become out of touch from those trying to reach that particular level of success?

Honestly I can only worry about me.


There are many women in internet radio who consider themselves “true to the game”. Is there a such thing? Terrestrial radio verses internet radio.

What does that mean exactly “true to the game”  I read the book and it doesn’t make me think of anything positive.  lol.. Seriously tho, I wouldn’t want to limit myself to one thing if I’m capable of doing it all.

Shugga Mama 3


Is there pressure to “look” a certain way in radio? (to be considered for hosting, television, other opportunities).

I believe so, I’m a thick girl and when I read people comments they are just cruel about how I look; never mind what’s coming out of my mouth.  They are more concerned with how my hair is, what I’m wearing, what animal I look like… it’s just bad.


Have you ever been fired? How did you bounce back? 

I’ve been able to control whether I work or not, so no.


shugga mama 4

What genre of music do you like to listen to the most and why?

R & B…I love 90’s R&B!


What is your TURN UP song?

Don’t judge https://www.youtube.com/embed/i_kF4zLNKio” target=”_blank”>Trap Queen (lol) and Baltimore’s own https://www.youtube.com/embed/i3i2s3JELFs” target=”_blank”>Tate Kobang “Bank Rolls”


You’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities, was there ever a time you had an uncomfortable celebrity interview where it went terribly wrong? Describe.

I love Trina but I would have to say Trina.  The energy was just weird. We didn’t even release it.


Who was the best celebrity encounter and why?

Maybe its just me but all the celebrities I’ve met have been just weird.  I think they all be on mushrooms or something..lol …Chrisette Michelle was pretty dope though.


What’s the biggest misconception about you?  That I have an attitude or I’m mean.  I really do have a “natural mean mug” but I’m really a nice person and almost always happy. You just have to get to know me and judge a book by its cover.   I will give the shirt off my back if somebody needed it.  I’m just about my business and don’t take no (bleep) when it comes to being treated fairly.


shugga Mama 5


Who do you most admire in the radio industry and why?  Awww man I have to say Angie Martinez and Baltimore’s own KiKi Brown be holding it down!


What was the best advice anyone ever gave you? Don’t do it. (lol)  When people doubt me or don’t believe in me, it pushes me 10 times harder.


Where do you see urban radio in the next 10-15 years?  Dominated by women.


If you could give advice to someone wanting to be a radio personality, what would you say? Go for it! Don’t let nothing stop you from being who you want to become.



Who’s in your iPod/radar?

Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Baltimore artists.


What do you want your legacy to be?



Biggest regret is….

No regrets; just lessons and blessings.


shugga mama 6

How can people reach out to you?



IG:  @ShuggaMama

Twitter: @ShuggaMamaradio


Read about some other sugah mama’s in the media:


promo pic 3





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