Word On The Curb Is…There’s Backlash for Amanda Seales Again! [AUDIO]

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Yes, sis!

Word on the curb is The Real co-host, Amanda Seales is under scrutiny again for her personal opinions about how white folks use black emojis! The point was since we were first introduced to the emoji phenom, the only choice we had was white, right? Well, now that we have more variety, why are white people using them? I get her point but I’m a little nervous about how advertisers will see it. Stay woke! (SOURCE)

R Kelly‘s legal team tried for a third time to request an early release from prison and was denied (wait for it). A judge didn’t agree with the most recent attepts for his cell-lebrity (see what I did there?) inmate to get out of jail after his team asked if the Pied Piper could get out on account of his pre-diabetes. (cue: ain’t nobody got time fa’dat). Sorry Kels! Try again! (SOURCE)

Are you ready for a MILF-studded reality show? The MILF’s in question are actresses, Lisa Raye and Vivica A. Fox. They’ve been talking about launching a new reality show based on their lives, but without the drama and glass throwing! So, tell me why we’re watching again? Click here for the answer!

Gossip Queen and daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams has decided she will no longer be broadcasting her at-home talk show from home so that she can get some rest (at home) due to complications from Graves Disease. She’s doing her show from home because of the COVID 19 pandemic. I’m glad she’s taking time off. Now, she can spend time at home, resting. At home. Yeah, I’m confused too! (SOURCE)

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