What’s NFL Sunday Without A Real NFL Chick?

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I believe we met at a Mint Condition concert I attended years ago with mutual friends (and my sorority sisters) Tramaine Hickson and Dana Coleman (RIP). I thought Syreeta, I mean, The NFL Chick was a delight to be around. She’s funny and smart and she’s a woman you’re not intimidated to be around. You know those types. The ones that are so pretty, you instantly think about what might be wrong with them so it gives you an excuse to hate their guts? Nah, not Syreeta.

She and I became close a few years ago and I must say I haven’t met a woman who loved sports as much as she does. My boo is a producer for SiriusXM, calls football for Howard University and watches every freakin sports match (game, meet, whatever you call it) on TV everyday, and I still think Syreeta can take him. (sorry babe)

I’m glad she agreed to give me this one-on-one because it helped me get to know her better. Not as a girl who loves football, but as a woman who really loves the game.


What is your occupation? NFL blogger

How did you get started in your career?  For my blogging career, I started around the time I was in broadcasting school in 2007. I was an intern with WBAL Radio and then the Baltimore Ravens. I was so into football that I wanted to write about my thoughts. I created a Blogspot account and started writing about the Ravens and the NFL overall. From that point on, nothing but doors opened up for me

What do you like/love most about your career? It gives me the opportunity to do something that I absolutely love and am passionate about. There’s nothing worse than going to a job you hate daily. With blogging, I am able to discuss my favorite topics in the sports world on different platforms: radio, TV, you guess it!

NFL Chick 1

Why sports? It’s been something I’ve been passionate about since a very young age. I grew up in a sports family. I was going to baseball games at 3 years old; maybe younger. When the Ravens came to town, I was introduced to that life. I just knew I loved talking O’s and Ravens. One day, my mother suggested I make a career of it. It was then, that I decided to go to Broadcasting school.

What do you feel about the recent attention given to the NFL on issues on Domestic Violence and misconduct acts? It’s a mess.. It’s all over the place. The NFL did WAY too little with Ray Rice’s initial suspension and they’re now overcompensating that with Adrian Peterson. Create a guideline and use it. They have no real guideline for the Peterson case so they are just winging it. They have to do better.

What sport do you think should get the most attention when these issues are concerned? (Gets away with murder) Football does because of its violent state, but honestly all of them should. At the end of the day, regardless of occupation, these are people of influence. Every sport should bring the seriousness of DV, sexual assault and/or child abuse to the front. Whether we like it or not, these guys/girls are role models to many. It’s only right to display their wrongdoings so that it won’t be a trend that this is okay.


Is there ever a day when you DON’T EVER want to see a game? Nope. Never…. I love football (college, pro, high school). If I could get paid to watch film all day, I’d take it in a New York second. Football is such a mental game. It forces you to try and figure out what your opponent’s next move is. Kinda like chess. I could watch it 24/7.


What sport do you dislike the most? Probably basketball. It’s not a popular opinion, I know but watching people run up and down a court isn’t appealing to me. The few basketball games I’ve gone to, I can assure you I’ve fallen asleep (LOL)! I get why people love it. It’s just not challenging enough to me… mentally.

What did you do before you started this particular art and why was it necessary to switch gears? Before, I was doing admin work for private sectors. I think switching gears is completely necessary for growth. I knew that I was smart, factual and good at communicating my points. Those talents were being wasted by sitting behind a desk, answering phones. I wanted more. I still do. I’m not there yet. Maybe more gears need to be shifted. But I am happy of the path it is going

NFL Chick 2

What’s the biggest misconception about what you do and how do you respond to it? That I do it just to get access to the players to hang out with them or to date them or to get tickets from them. Those guys aren’t special to me. They’re regular guys playing a game they’ve loved since forever. I respect that. But I don’t put them on a pedestal. Honestly, I don’t respond to it at all. I refuse to explain myself as to why I love talking football. If you want to believe it’s because I have an ulterior motive, that’s your opinion. I’m not here to change minds. I’m here to walk my own path and keep striving for my goals without distraction

Every person has a story that’s “one for the books”. That could mean it was a good experience or a bad one. What is a “one for the books” story for you? I think my “one for the books” experience was covering my first big event which was the Nike launch, in Dallas. I  went to the new Jerry’s World as they debuted a new line of cleats. Nike contacted me and asked if I would come cover the event. It the the first time I felt like I was a REAL blogger and that I belonged. I never felt so excited about the direction my blog was going until that day. It really was the beginning of a LOT of events I would cover thereafter

In 5 years, where do you see yourself? Hopefully on TV. Regularly. I’m good. I know I am. I’m smart, knowledgeable and I think I’m okay on the eyes LOL!. TV could use more women of color talking sports. We DO exist. I want to be a part of that movement

NFL Chick 3

If you of today could speak to you of 15 years ago, what would she say and how would she respond? I would tell her not to worry, there’s a very bright future ahead. You may have to make some sacrifices and you’ll feel defeated a lot of times, but in the end it will pay off. Even when you don’t think you’ve contributed to the business, someone will always remind you that you inspire them. So don’t give up. Realize what’s about to happen and own it. I think she would ignore me LOL I was very bullheaded 15 years ago. But eventually she would come around.

Video: The NFL Chick’s Good, Bad and HMMM of the NFL Draft- Round 1

What is your favorite quote and why? There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. Because that’s so real. I know in today’s world everything seems so easy. But it’s not. Long standing success is a process, not something you do over overnight. Hard work and pay your dues, it will happen.. being lazy gets you nowhere
How can people reach out to you? Twitter, IG and Facebook @theNFLchick

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