Does Social Media Mean Guilty Before Proven Innocent? [Poll]

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Has social media ruined “innocent until proven guilty”?

How did you respond when rapper T. I. threatened a “fan” who talked bad about his daughter. How did you know about that one? Instagram (that eventually hit the news)


Reaction from the Twittersphere ended the careers of NFL players, a legendary comedian, and give me a minute. Another career will be over by the time you read this article.

Don’t get me wrong, I like social media. If I ever wanted to an opinion about a movie that I have yet to see, I just type the name of the movie and add a hashtag and there you go!

Tyler, The Creator & Iggy Azalea Fight On Twitter After ’106 & Park’ Diss

Drake, Tyga Continue Social Media Beef | News | BET

Can Social Media Beef Up the Image of McDonald’s Food?

I just want to say that we can’t believe everything we read in under 140 characters or less.


Now, on the flip side, we can thank social media for the rapid responses we get on various issues like restaurant and movie reviews, breaking news, finding long lost friends and loved ones, and who’s in the lead in the most recent selfie contests.

I am in the media and it’s my job to cover the news. I get it, but it bothers me when businesses, sponsors and people put their judgments on the table before credible evidence, witnesses and even a court hearing is set. Social media plays an important role in the fate of many celebrities or regular people who thought their career of choice or actions were the best they could have ever chosen/made.

Beyonce used it to break out her new album. Thanks to social media, fans (I mean “Beehive”) knew to go directly to iTunes and download the album even before the CEO of Wal-Mart opened his eyes and got in a good morning stretch.


So, is social media wrong for doing what it’s been purposed to do or are we relying on this method of communication way too much?

I hope the bigwigs at Twitter, IG and Facebook don’t get too upset with me. I’ll need these outlets to help me share this blog (feeling like a big hypocrite right now).

Please feel free to share your thoughts! Here are a few I found on (clears throat) social media:

Vanessa Payne Social media can make or break you cause what ever is on a social media network is THE TRUTH!! JK But people see or hear a story and by the time it is shared and reshared what was a minor incident or problem now has blown up to the #trending topic and everyone has an opinion, but never knows the #Realtruth. I say stay in your lane and now the facts before ASSuMe something is true. !! And we all know what #ASSuMe stands for.

pattiecakes_1st Unfortunately yes for all the wrong people

ordinarylove41 Yes

caligirlnbmoreSadly it does…

Andy Matts What social media has done is to make it even more important to think and evaluate for ourselves.

social media

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