Inspired,Victorious, Empowered: One On One w/ Vanessa Payne


2014-06-10 06.31.52When I asked Vanessa Payneif she would grant me an interview, her first response was “LOL! Wow! Thank you!” She was a bit nervous about it because no one really asks her about her life. They never ask her how she got to be so confident and strong as a woman living with Lupus. You’ll find that Vanessa Payne is just like every other woman who lived through so much turmoil and is now standing tall; making a difference.

We met through an email. She asked me if I would help her raise money for Lupus Awareness in a Lupus Walk. I must admit, I really didn’t know much about the disease so I was more curious about it than anything and I wanted to help someone who has always shown her support for my career. It was only right, and I’m glad I did. I met an amazing…

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2 thoughts on “Inspired,Victorious, Empowered: One On One w/ Vanessa Payne

  1. Wonderful story about a Wonderful woman. I’ve known Vanessa for over 20 years. We met as young mom’s. So proud of her determination to find a cure for Lupus.. She is the most beautiful, giving and loving person I know. The charity she provides for her community is beyond amazing! Honored to be her friend.


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