Word On The Curb Is…Will & Jada Are Taking A Break [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is… Will and Jada stirred up enough craziness and confusion with this entanglement mess, they broke camp and headed to the islands for a much needed break. Rumor has it, this resort is kinda like the resort to the stars (Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake). No need to mention the nightContinue reading “Word On The Curb Is…Will & Jada Are Taking A Break [AUDIO]”

Word On The Curb Is…Russell Simmons Doc Released [AUDIO]

I’m trying to play catch up so here are the latest hot topics on your favorite celebs from April 20-22! Article links and audio now available: April 20: Teddy and Babyface return TONIGHT! Will Bill Cosby be released early? R. Kelly Tries Again…and failed! J-Lo and A-Rod Set to purchase baseball team Teddy/Babyface Part 2Continue reading “Word On The Curb Is…Russell Simmons Doc Released [AUDIO]”

Word On The Curb Is…Alicia Keys Freaked Out Moments Before the Grammys [AUDIO]

Alicia Keys seemed calm, cool and collected when millions watched this year’s Grammy Awards. Little did we all know, that moments before showtime, Keys revealed to Ellen Degeneres that she was freaking out backstage. She and everyone working on the show found out about the tragic accident that took the life of NBA legend, KobeContinue reading “Word On The Curb Is…Alicia Keys Freaked Out Moments Before the Grammys [AUDIO]”

Happy Galentines Day from This Radio Chick!

Hey ladies! I just wanted to share my heart with you and tell you how much happiness I have in it knowing my chicks in the media continue to break the glass ceilings and move big numbers in this crazy industry! It’s still my goal to get us together to share our “war stories” andContinue reading “Happy Galentines Day from This Radio Chick!”

The “E-Report”: Cops Pay Chris Brown Welfare Check Visit [AUDIO]

Chris Brown Welfare Check Visit Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … someone called LAPD saying they were scared and concerned for Chris’ well-being. Friday, he posted his San Fernando Valley address on IG — instantly giving not only Offset but his more than 50 million followers, a road map to him. (SOURCE)   Rapper SheckContinue reading “The “E-Report”: Cops Pay Chris Brown Welfare Check Visit [AUDIO]”

E Report w/ Ki Ki Brown: Grammys, Elevator Fights, and Stolen News Trucks [AUDIO]

Pop singer, Ariana Grande cried FOUL and “Trash” via Twitter (now deleted) when her ex-boyfriend, the late Mac Miller wasn’t awarded Rap Album of the year at the 2019 Grammys. Grande wasn’t alone in her feelings but felt the Grammy folks didn’t treat his legacy with the respect she (and Mac fans) felt he deserved;Continue reading “E Report w/ Ki Ki Brown: Grammys, Elevator Fights, and Stolen News Trucks [AUDIO]”

Hey Girl Hey Podcast

I teamed up with two dynamic ladies (Gerri Tipton “The Millennial Chick” and LaShawn Tipton “The Chatter Chick”) for a podcast where we can gossip about our favorite celebrities, current events and other stuff you talk about to yourselves or to your co-workers. The podcast is called “Hey Girl Hey” and you can hear itContinue reading “Hey Girl Hey Podcast”

E Report: Cardi Wants All The Cookies [AUDIO]

Kanye West-Victim of Identity Theft (TMZ) Sources close to the situation tell TMZ, a guy Ye knew secretly contacted Philipp Plein, who is staging a big New York Fashion Week event this coming Monday. The guy misrepresented himself to Plein as Kanye’s rep and began negotiations for Kanye to perform … at a STEEP price. PleinContinue reading “E Report: Cardi Wants All The Cookies [AUDIO]”

E-Report w/ Ki Ki Brown-Feb 7

FBI Investigating Incoming Snail Mail on Fox “Empire” Set The FBI is working with folks on the “Empire” set to track down the person who sent Jussie Smollett a hateful, threatening letter just days before the attack, and they’re also on high alert to prevent dangerous mail and other items from making their way to the cast.Continue reading “E-Report w/ Ki Ki Brown-Feb 7”