Ever Heard Of This Writer Chick BeechStreet? Meet Felicia C. Haney



It only took one day! Yup, one full day of fun and work in sunny LA at the Baggage Claim junket when I met 5 beautiful and talented women who work in the media. I will be honest and say these women are the reason for this Radio Chicks Rock crusade.

One young lady in particular that I had the pleasure of meeting was Felicia Haney.( known on twitter as @BeechStreet). She’s cool, intelligent, fun and inspiring. Remember, I’ve only known her for 24 hours, but in that short time, I noticed and respected her demeanor, her focus, her personality, love for true hip hop, a good story, and it was the very reason why I wanted to add her to the RadioChicksRock roster. Thing is she’s not a radio chick! She’s a writer chick! A DOPE WRITER CHICK too!

Meet Felicia Haney aka BEECHSTREET:

beechstreet 3

What is your occupation?

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