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Who Is iiKane? I believe that’s her Twitter handle to be completely honest! But it’s a pretty simple question. Who is iiKane?

She’s the female voice you hear during the ride home, co-hosting The KoShow w/ legendary afternoon personality Konan and the 5 O’clock Ride with DJ Jay Claxton, weekdays from 2P to 6P on 92Q Jams(Baltimore).

She’s a talented #RadioChick, a writer, producer, artist (rapper), model, sister, daughter, and an amazing mother (who she chooses not to speak about unless she really knows you).

When asked to describe Kane in one word, one comment was, “…lots of super star style but still that home-girl attitude“, says Operations Manager for Radio One Baltimore, Al Payne.

It was iiKane who sparked this #RadioChicksRock crusade for me. One day, she and I were talking at my dining room table (taking a break from her wrapping…

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