She’s A Free-Spirited Chick: One On One w/ Civ Jones



Civ Jones is a part of the Radio One family and that’s how we met. She’s a woman whi never seasons her words; you get it straight from the hip! She’s curious about a lot of things and never hesitates to ask questions.

I like Civ because, in my opinion, she has such a free spirit and she’s a chick that simply wants to win; the right way.

You can hear her most weekends on Magic 95.9 (Baltimore). Also, you can see her hosting or performing at local open mic night or cultural/hip hop music events.

She’s adventurous and I’m not sure if it’s because she’s in the Army Reserve or maybe it’s because she was born that way.

I’m glad she decided to grant me this one on one, because not only does it give you the opportunity to get to know her, but I wouldn’t mind learning a bit more…

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