Here’s my story: I’m on the red carpet at the BET Honors and in a small, cold room, filled with shouting people and flashing lights. The men were in suits and tuxedos and the women were snatched and beat to the Gods! In the room, there’s this beautiful woman standing on the “media” row of a few people next to me. I had noticed her before when our group  walked from the hotel to the media room, but for some strange reason, I couldn’t figure out who she was. She was in a gorgeous black gown, hair in a ponytail, her make up was flawless and her smile was radiant; the one feature that seemed familiar. First thing I thought was “I think I’m under dressed.” (lol)

You know how you stare at someone, trying to figure out where you know them from but just can’t put a finger on it? I…

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