Georgia’s Foxy and Fly Chick: One On One w/ Georgia Ellyse of Foxie 105


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With the help of this blog, I’m finding ways to shine a spotlight on some pretty awesome radio chicks that I know personally and have yet to meet; only because I feel as though it’s about time for “us” to get the special attention sometimes!

I’ve grown to meet some extraordinary women in radio, television, theater, community service, and business. I’m floored by their stories as I know you would be too!

I found out that my recent radio chick and I have the same mentors in common. You’ll read about that in her one-on-one.

Today, we turn our dials to Foxie 105 FM in Columbus, GA. Meet Georgia Ellyse, afternoon co-host for the Baby Jay and Georgia show.

Not only is Georgia a radio talent, she’s also a soon to be television star and she currently runs her own blog, Georgia’s Juice.

Here’s Georgia’s story:
Georgia Ellyse 6

Georgia Ellyse


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