The Radio Chick Who Rocks Us All: One On One w/ ME! (Ki Ki Brown)

Video added….


2014-06-10 06.31.52

The process to getting the interviews with radio chicks, business women, community leaders, and artists is getting a list of questions out and posting their responses. Simple right? (hold your response)

The feedback that I received from a few of the interviewees have been “sheesh! These are a lot of questions” or “do you really want me to answer all these questions?” or “I have to think about my answers first because this is going to take some thinking.” (eh’em Talya Floyd)

I really didn’t think it was that hard UNTIL…..(cue dramatic music) Radio Chick Rocks alum Monique Davis Cary decided to give it right back.

FullSizeRender (1) (Ki Ki and Monique Davis Cary) 

So, I accepted the challenge and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to answer a few questions. MY GOODNESS! Was I that bad? So many questions!

Anyway…here goes:

kikiwhite and black-26 (Ki Ki Brown, midday personality for…

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