To Reply To “All” or “Nah”?? [Take The Poll]

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Is it me or am I the only person on this planet that MUST answer all incoming email and/or text messages?

Sometimes I question if my pediatrician forgot to diagnose me with ADHD because once I see that red number on my smartphone, indicating that I have a missed call or message, it’s my duty as a responsible “contactee” to answer it.

missed message

I have read that proper email/texting etiquette is to answer even if the “email wasn’t directly sent to you”. (

Texting Etiquette Tips

People acknowledge my quick responses and prompt attention to messages but I’m not sure I can return the sentiment. (cue shade and side-eye)

In my profession, I’m messaged many times from people that I know or don’t know and/or people that I do or don’t know who want me my opinion on something (idea, music, booking me for an event, whatever). And even though I really don’t feel like being bothered, I simply reply “Ok, thank you. I’ll see what I can do” or a simple “OK”. That buys me some time before I get the “Hey! Were you ever able to get to that thing I sent you a while back?” message.

Then I have no choice but to respond because obviously, they thought I was good enough to share something with me in the first place.

ignoring emails 2

When I send out an email, whether mass or individual, I do expect a response within at least 10-30 minutes.

How to use proper email etiquette. 


Yeah sure, we’re all busy, but if you take a look around, almost EVERYONE in your 5 mile radius (walking, driving, eating, and working) are checking their hand held devices or operating a computer of some sort.

txting at teh table

Which tells me, you simply decided that my correspondence wasn’t attractive or important enough to gain your attention at that present time. Humph!

ignore button



What about invitations or meeting reminders? Aren’t those just as important? Doesn’t it save you from making the embarrassing “how come I wasn’t invited?” or the “what meeting?” comment that makes you look like the only one who chose to hit “ignore” instead of simply answering the message in the first place?

People! Answer your emails! Return a text! Feed in to my obsessive/compulsive disorder PLEASE?? Someone did take the time to calculate words and thoughts to share with you in hopes of getting some type of feedback!


Here are a few examples of what you can respond with that are acceptable in my book: (feel free to copy & paste when necessary)

  1. “Hey! I am busy at the moment. I’ll hit you back when I get a moment.”
  2. “Thanks! I’ll try to get to this when I can!”
  3. “I’m sorry! I’m a bit swamped today. Can I hit you back later? I do apologize. Things are a bit crazy around here.”

I mean, this isn’t for everyone! I know there are times that we simply can’t get to all of our messages. Trust me! I get it! So, if this is you….”ignore” this message! (see what I did there?)

ignornign emails

Unless it’s your boss asking you about the report that was due last week, I suggest you take some time to adopt some email/text etiquette if you’re looking to keep your job and/or relationships healthy and in tact! Just sayin…

Take the poll: 


Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for your time! 




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