To Reply To “All” or “Nah”?? [Take The Poll]

Is it me or am I the only person on this planet that MUST answer all incoming email and/or text messages? Sometimes I question if my pediatrician forgot to diagnose me with ADHD because once I see that red number on my smartphone, indicating that I have a missed call or message, it’s my dutyContinue reading “To Reply To “All” or “Nah”?? [Take The Poll]”


Does Social Media Mean Guilty Before Proven Innocent? [Poll]

Has social media ruined “innocent until proven guilty”? How did you respond when rapperĀ T. I. threatened a “fan” who talked bad about his daughter. How did you know about that one? Instagram (that eventually hit the news) Reaction from the Twittersphere ended the careers of NFL players, a legendary comedian, and give me a minute.Continue reading “Does Social Media Mean Guilty Before Proven Innocent? [Poll]”