What’s Poppin At The Urban Hang Suite?


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Every second Tuesday, I host a video show called The Urban Hang Suite at Phaze 10 in Baltimore. The lounge is set with chairs and couches, good music, great food and sexy people; all in the mood for a new chill spot and new social vibe during the week. (Because, I mean really! Who wants to be home on a Tuesday night, anyway?)

The concept is simple: Ask the important questions, in front of a crowd, with the cameras on HOT and hang out with Baltimore’s most talented! That’s it!

February’s Urban Hang Suite was real chill! DJ Dre was rockin the music and there were some very attractive men and women in the building just hanging out and waiting for the show!


Urban hang suite 2

I had an opportunity to sit down with three talented artists from the Charm City and other big names markets. A few of them are familiar Radio Chick Rocks faces: April Sampe and LaDawn Black. To add even more “flava” to the mix, we added another talented writer and singer by the name of James Poet (who is a member of Phi Beta Sigma).

The show is still new and we’re working out the kinks as any new project would have.


March 10th will be our third show and so far, we have B’more Brave locked and loaded! I hope to see you in the Urban Hang Suite!


_MG_2129 copy (April Sampe, LaDawn Black, Ki Ki Brown and James Poet)


_MG_2137 copy  (Radio Chick Rocks alumni: April Sampe, LaDawn Black, Rochelle Boykin and Radience Pittman) 


_MG_2147 copy (Ki Ki Brown, James Poet and ZPHIB sorors Shekita Wilkins, Ashley Wiggins, and Tymeerah Butts-Grandy) 


Check out the interviews and make sure you stop by the Urban Hang Suite every second Tuesday at Phaze 10 in Baltimore!

_MG_2142 copy (Ki Ki Brown and Radience Pittman)


Myself and THE LaDawn Black:


Mottz and Kee Kee (Mottz, The Manager) 


Me and the AMAZING April Sampe:


Who is James Poet? 



Remember, events like this don’t last if they’re not supported! Please support your local artists and businesses! Without them, the city can’t survive! See you March 10th!





promo pic 3

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