From A Po Ho On Dope To A Ph.D! One On One w/ Dr. Elaine Richardson [Audio]

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I received an email from fellow RadioChickRocks alum, media chick, Felicia Haney (BeechStreet) asking if I would be available for an interview with a woman she thought was amazing and inspiring. Her name is Dr. Elaine Richardson and she is currently promoting her third book “PHD to Ph.D: How Education Saved My Life” The title is Po Ho on Dope, and I knew I just had to book this woman!

What was her story? Why did she want to reveal so much? How did she get a PhD AFTER recovering and surviving from drug abuse, prostitution and rape? Oh yeah! I needed to talk to this chick!

I have to say, this was one of the most interestingly funny and touching interview that I ever had in my professional career.

Dr. Elaine Richardson or Dr. “E” is phenomenal and I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to speak to her and get her view on the issues on sex trafficking, prostitution, drug use and growing up in the mean streets of Cleveland, raising two daughters and herself at the same time.

Click here to hear the conversation

Dr E 1

Dr E 2



Reach out to Dr. Elaine Richardson:

Twitter: @DoctaE1

Facebook: From PHD (Po Ho on Dope) to Ph.D. How Education Saved My Life One Woman Show by Dr. Elaine Richardson

Website: www.phdtoPHD




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