#MediaChicksRock Luncheon The Start Of A Movement

media chicks (Media Chicks Luncheon, 2016)


I’ve always been one to support my fellow females in the media. If they’re traffic anchors, radio pesonalities, producers, television, newspaper (print), or social media, we all work hard and deserve the same amount of respect and support as anyone else in this industry.

So, I figured why not show my ladies in the media (I call them Media Chicks) some love by inviting them to a private luncheon where we can share strories on how we got started, who motivates us, and so much more.

Vanessa Herring

(Ki Ki and WBAL’s own Vanessa Herring) 

In attendance were news anchors from WJZ and WMAR in Baltimore as well as WBAL TV, Radio One, TV One, Metro Traffic, Total Traffic & Weather, Radio One and CBS radio/TV.


Sharing lunch with these women was an amazing experience not just for me but for anyone looking to start a career in the industry. I’ve received advice from news veteran Kelly Swoop (WMAR) and Ashley James (WMAR) about what to expect when starting a career in television.

Nicki Mayo

(Ki Ki and Nicki Mayo go dress shopping) 

Nicki Mayo (TV One, Associated Press and President of Black Association of Black Journalists) helped me learn some pretty “bloat” appropriate poses when taking pics and wearing the right “newscaster wrap dress”.

Ki Ki and Kelly Swoop

(Ki Ki & ABC 2’s own Kelly Swoop take a selfie #MediaChicksLuncheon)

I’ve learned a lot that day and plan on doing activities like this one more often. I encourage you to do the same for others in your industry of choice. It helps get to know those you work with and learn more from them. It will help you gain a little more respect and figure out if this is where you really want to be.

Salute to all the media chicks in the entire industry! You are appreciated!


2014-06-10 06.31.52

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