#LipSync4Lupus Challenge With Baltimore’s Most Talented TV and Radio Personalities

Ever sit in the car, listening to your favorite singer or rapper (whatever you listen to) and imagine you’re them, live on stage, hitting all the notes and making all the facial expressions? Yeah! Me too! Jimma Fallon started something with the Tonight Show LipSync challenge! Then the phenom continued with the LipSync Challenge show,Continue reading “#LipSync4Lupus Challenge With Baltimore’s Most Talented TV and Radio Personalities”


#MediaChicksRock Luncheon The Start Of A Movement

 (Media Chicks Luncheon, 2016)   I’ve always been one to support my fellow females in the media. If they’re traffic anchors, radio pesonalities, producers, television, newspaper (print), or social media, we all work hard and deserve the same amount of respect and support as anyone else in this industry. So, I figured why not showContinue reading “#MediaChicksRock Luncheon The Start Of A Movement”