E Report w/ Ki Ki Brown: Grammys, Elevator Fights, and Stolen News Trucks [AUDIO]

Pop singer, Ariana Grande cried FOUL and “Trash” via Twitter (now deleted) when her ex-boyfriend, the late Mac Miller wasn’t awarded Rap Album of the year at the 2019 Grammys. Grande wasn’t alone in her feelings but felt the Grammy folks didn’t treat his legacy with the respect she (and Mac fans) felt he deserved; especially since they flew in his parents. SOURCE

Rapper Bow Wow is the latest celebrity to get caught on video fighting his girlfriend in their Atlanta apartment elevator. Later the couple was arrested by police for disorderly conduct and assault. It’s been quiet since the brawl, but now the conversations continue about how toxic these two are for one another and since the video is out, no tellin what’s going to come out of it. You would think one would learn an important lesson about handling your business (personal) in a public elevator after the Solange/Jay-Z, Ray Rice situation, right? Nope! SOURCE

H.E.R., Beyonce & Jay Z, Childish Gambino, and Cardi B took home Grammys last night! For the 26-year-old Bronx rapper, this is huge because she’s the first female EVER to win Best Rap Album! Click here for more on the 2019 Grammy Awards!


It’s being reported R&B singer, R. Kelly and his team is being accused of throwing illegal house parties and stealing news station vehicle keys (not the truck…the keys) I’m assuming to make a point. R. Kelly’s Chicago studio has been shut down by a judge who claims if Kels can’t work regular people hours, then he gets no access. Not sure why someone thought it was funny to steal the keys from a CBS affiliate new station vehicle but it was important enough to make the news! SOURCE



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