Word On The Curb Is…Whitney Houston’s Hologram Made It’s TV Debut [AUDIO]

Whitney Houston Hologram
Photo Credit: New York Post

Long story short, word on the curb is the Whitney Houston hologram made it’s television debut over seas and the feedback wasn’t so positive. Many feel “Nippy’s” legacy should be at peace like the singer who passed away in 2012. Her sister in-law and former manager, Pat Houston said Whitney would have approved of the new approach to continue her legacy.

Rapper Pop Smoke
Photo Credit: The Guardian

More developements on slain rapper, Pop Smoke are coming out that the 20 year-old up and coming rapper was not the victim of a home invasion but was the intended target. TMZ reported Wednesday morning, Smoke was residing in a rented home in the Hollywood Hills where 4 gunman fired shots that ultimately killed the rapper. It was previously reported that this was an apparant home invasion but according to the LAPD and cameras on the property, the gunmen weren’t seen carrying any belongings from the property. Click here for more.

More inside Word On The Curb here:

Feb 19, 2020:

Feb 20, 2020


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