Word On The Curb is…Jaime Foxx Will Play Mike Tyson In An Upcoming Biopic [AUDIO]

•Are you ready for Juneteenth “The Musical”?•Jamie Foxx is Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic. I can see that!•One down! One officer (accused of killing Breanna Taylor) was FIRED from the police department For more Word On The Curb entertainment on ThisRadioChickRocks.com, click here!

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast: Happy Juneteenth! [AUDIO]

This week, the ladies discuss having “the talk” with your white friends (getting random apologies), rebranding Uncle Bens rice, Aunt Jemima, Cream of Wheat and Mrs. Buttersworth products to make them “less racist”, what is “colorism”? (light skin vs. dark skin), and the meaning of Juneteenth (answering Juneteenth trivia). Find past episodes of The HeyContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast: Happy Juneteenth! [AUDIO]”

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast: The Fate of Black America

On Saturday, May 17th, the Hey Girl Hey Podcast featured two powerful guests that continue to make a difference and impact in the black community. This week, Dr. Judith Moore of the Black Women Roundtable discussed the upcoming webinar for the Pittsburgh-Mon Valley PA area May 28th. The “Solutions Forum” will address the serious issuesContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast: The Fate of Black America”

Word On The Curb Is…Would You Watch Snoop Dogg vs Jay Z in an IG Live Battle? [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is West Coast legenary rapper, Snoop Dogg feels he’s at the same level as East Coast rapper, Jay Z when it comes to a verses battle. He suggested he and Jigga get together and toss their hits back and forth for fans live on Instagram. Jay Z hasn’t responded (of courseContinue reading “Word On The Curb Is…Would You Watch Snoop Dogg vs Jay Z in an IG Live Battle? [AUDIO]”

They Hey Girl Hey Podcast with Special Guest, Amber Owens [Video/Audio]

NEW EPISODE: May 9, 2020 This week, we catch up on one another and how we’re dealing with the last few weeks of coronavirus quarantine. Plus we talk about Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary “Becoming” (only Ki Ki saw it) and how much they miss the Obama’s in the White House.  Criminal Defense Attorney, Amber OwensContinue reading “They Hey Girl Hey Podcast with Special Guest, Amber Owens [Video/Audio]”

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 2, 2020) VIDEO/AUDIO

This week, LaShawn, Gerri, and Ki Ki are joined by two powerful women in the media and medicine, Kimberly Callaway and Paige Mitchell. The ladies discuss black hair vs COVID 19 (the struggle is real), how a woman is looking for a new man while her current man fights for his life in the hospitalContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 2, 2020) VIDEO/AUDIO”

Damn, son! Word On The Curb Is…Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested, Again! [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is a few celebrities got arrested Wednesday night. Former actor for “The Chi” (Showtime), Jason Mitchell was arrested in Mississippi on guns and drugs charges. I’m dissapointed to hear this because I’m a fan of his and had high hopes he was on his way to becoming a successful “success story”.Continue reading “Damn, son! Word On The Curb Is…Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested, Again! [AUDIO]”

Word On The Curb Is…The Tiger King Saga Continues [AUDIO]

Here is the latest in celebrity gossip and entertainment!

Word On The Curb Is…Kylie Jenner Is Still Winning [AUDIO]

Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Presidential race Forbes Names Kylie Jenner “Self Made Billionaire” for a Second Year ‘90210’ star Tori Spelling TRIED to Make Some Extra Coin…but failed Aretha Franklin‘s Former Fiance and Road Manager Dies from the Coronavirus Clinton/Lewinsky Whistle blower On Death Bed…Lewinsky Responds

Word On The Curb Is…STAY HOME! [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is legendary hip hop group Public Enemy thought it was funny to reveal on April Fools that the rumor of the group firing front man Flava Flav, claiming he was hard to deal with so they suspended him for years was actually a publicity stunt to promote anContinue reading “Word On The Curb Is…STAY HOME! [AUDIO]”