Word On The Curb Is…Dolly Does Playboy [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is 74 year-old courtry star, Dolly Parton told 60 Minutes Austrailia that she wouldn’t mind covering another issue of Playboy Magazine. Are you hear for it? Ask your dad! I’ll wait…

Anyway, there’s news that Nelly might be showing love to my round-bottom sistahs with the return of Apple Bottoms! What ever happened to them anyway? I need something to wear with my boots with the fuuuurrrrr!!!!

Chris Rock is single again! He cheated on his wife with an actress, who he dated for like 4 years and they broke up. I guess his 18 year marriage to his ex wife was enough long-term for him. He just didn’t want to settle down but she did so…that’s it.

Finally, Nicki Minaj‘s husband, Kenneth Petty, is now a registered sex offender. He forgot to call the NY parole people or something and moved to LA. Yeah, that’s a no-no, bruh. If you’re on parole, whereever you go, especially if you’re a sex offender, you have to give your next state a heads up. Nicki’s people said she’s good so that’s it on that story!

Here my full Word On The Curb entertainment report here:


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