Word On The Curb Is The Tiger King Gets Revenge…Maybe [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is Chris Brown caught an intruder on video trying to climb a fence onto his property. The Grammy award-winning singer was out chillin’ with his homies when one of them spotted a woman trying to get onto his property until she met up with one of his guard dogs. The woman and Chris’s group exchanged salutations and that was that! Here’s the story.

I’m often on social media (I’m lying, I’m always on social media) and I tend to run across a few trending stories that get my attention. Some I swipe by and other stories are enough to double click to see what’s inside. This one particular hashtag, #TheTigerKing popped up a lot so I had to see what the buzz was about! It’s a Netflix docuseries about a tiger wrangler (who also happens to be gay, gun-toting, rockin’ a fly mullet) who finds himself under scrutiny by a woman who claims to want a better life for the animals he owns. The story has twists and turns and even I’m confused on who is guilty and/or innocent in the plot. Well, the feedback from the docuseries made so much noise, it got the attention of the authorities who have decided to re-open a cold case that involves the tiger lover (Carole Baskin) and her missing husband, Don. You have to watch it! You’ll find yourself shaking your head and clicking “next episode” at the same time. Click here for more on this story.

#StayHome is one of many messages circulating around the globe from those who are frustrated with the fact that people are ignoring warnings from the national and local authorities regarding the seriousness behind the Coronavirus (COVID-19). One warning comes from a Jet Blue flight attendant who recently tested positive. She recorded herself from her hospital bed urging those who continue to travel ground or air, to be more cautious and stay home if it’s not necessary to be out. I’d have to agree. If it’s not absolutely essential, keep it in the kitchen (or living room, dining room, basement, INSIDE). Click here for more.

Word On The Curb


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