The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (DEC 5): Tame Your Cat! [AUDIO/VIDEO]

We got fan mail from a guy who is frustrated with this girlfriend of 3 years for denying him sex shortly after she had surgery and not feeling very confident about her body.

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (Sept 19): Boss Chick Guilt [AUDIO/VIDEO]

This week, we discuss the hot topics from Cardi B filing for divorce to AG Bill Barr comparing COVID 19 to slavery! Plus, how Boss Chick Guilt is really a thing!

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (July 11): When Your Lesbian Lover Is Terrible In Bed…What Do You Do? We Know! [AUDIO/VIDEO]

What do you do when your lesbian lover is terrible in bed? You write us and we try our best to help! See how we do! Click the link for the latest episode of The Hey Girl Hey Podcast.

Word On The Curb Is… The Made In America Festival (like everything else in 2020) Has Been Canceled! [AUDIO]

Made In America Festival Postponed to 2021 Can somebody just tell Terry Crews the truth? Will Smith ain’t speaking on that August Alsina mess but he does have something to say! For more entertainment on, click here!

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 2, 2020) VIDEO/AUDIO

This week, LaShawn, Gerri, and Ki Ki are joined by two powerful women in the media and medicine, Kimberly Callaway and Paige Mitchell. The ladies discuss black hair vs COVID 19 (the struggle is real), how a woman is looking for a new man while her current man fights for his life in the hospitalContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 2, 2020) VIDEO/AUDIO”

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast: Empowered Women, Empower Women Episode [VIDEO/AUDIO]

This week, we are joined by author and artist/creator of Brown Mama Monologues, Muffy Mendoza (Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love, and Home), and LaDina Anderson, author of “Killing Grace: A Rise to Restoration“. We discuss the coronavirus pandemic, things we never realized and spending money on dumb sh*t. AbortionContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast: Empowered Women, Empower Women Episode [VIDEO/AUDIO]”

Hey Girl Hey Podcast w/ Special Guest, Author Carol Washington [AUDIO/VIDEO]

First 15 Lead In: Corona UPDATE Stimulus checks arrived Trump might lift the stay at home ban (you here for it?) Folks are getting more and more bored (TikTok dances *flip the switch/don’t rush/pillow challenges, IG concerts, etc.) Let’s Play “I never realized…”what are some of the things you’ve noticed now that you never noticedContinue reading “Hey Girl Hey Podcast w/ Special Guest, Author Carol Washington [AUDIO/VIDEO]”

Word On The Curb Is…The Tiger King Saga Continues [AUDIO]

Here is the latest in celebrity gossip and entertainment!

Word On The Curb Is… CORONA! [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is the coronavirus is still the topic of discussion almost everywhere. You can’t have a casual or professional conversation with anyone without bringing up the words, corona (not the beer), virus or COVID 19. Tyler Perry‘s camp was hit hard when one of his crew members died from coronavirus related complications.Continue reading “Word On The Curb Is… CORONA! [AUDIO]”

Word On The Curb Is…Celebrity Deaths, Celebrity Engagements and more! [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is Jeannie Mai and boyfriend, rapper Jeezy got engaged over the weekend! The pair have been dating for 2 years and we’re all really happy about it! Teddy Riley and Babyface fans aren’t too happy about the recent pull out (pause) of a supposed Instagram live show thatContinue reading “Word On The Curb Is…Celebrity Deaths, Celebrity Engagements and more! [AUDIO]”