Word On The Curb Is…Celebrity Deaths, Celebrity Engagements and more! [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is Jeannie Mai and boyfriend, rapper Jeezy got engaged over the weekend! The pair have been dating for 2 years and we’re all really happy about it!

Teddy Riley and Babyface fans aren’t too happy about the recent pull out (pause) of a supposed Instagram live show that was set to happen on Sunday but for whatever reason, didn’t. According to Teddy Riley, they didn’t back out, they’re just waiting on Babyface to jump on board. (translation, see what his lawyers are saying about the coin)

Ne Ne Leakes was a little too happy to call her gal pal Wendy Williams on Facetime while hanging out with friends. Wendy says she don’t do that and she thought it was rather rude of Ne Ne to ASSume she would be open to accept her FT call all willie-nillie, like! Needless to say, this week, they’re not speaking! (shrug)

R. Kelly‘s lawyers were told their client won’t be getting the green light for an early realease due to the current COVID 19 outbreak. R. Kelly’s legal team tried to convince the judge that his health was at risk and he was afraid he would be infected by the virus. Not enough to convince so, I guess he’ll be phoning in his rants from now on.

Black Enterprise Founder, Earl Graves passed away early Monday at the age of 85 due to Alzheimers according to his family. He lived a long life and did so much for African American businesses and charities. Prayes out to his family.

Finally, a few of your favorite celebs are using their millions to help others: Mariah Carey is using her 500 hours of beauty school education to cut her daughter’s hair (ok…) and Kevin Hart teamed up with Beyond Burger to feed thousands of healthcare workers sacrificing their lives on the front lines during this pandemic. Great job guys!


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