The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (Aug 29): Republicans! Am I Right? [AUDIO/VIDEO]

Top left: Lenny Mc Allister, LaShawn Tipton “The Chatter Chick”, (bottom left) Ki Ki Brown “The Radio Chick” w/ guest co-host, Portia Foxx (bottom right)

This week, we are joined by Political Commentator and Republican strategist, Lenny Mc Allister. We had a lot of questions about the party along with some misconceptions and negativity in response to what’s being communicated by the current administration.

We had no idea (well, I didn’t) that not all Republicans were racist, rich and/or rude. Some are even black and feel the same way that I do! Why am I surprised to hear that some Republicans are black?

When I was younger, my mother told me that Republicans only cared about rich people. Her exact words were, “Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the poor”. So I saw it as black people were poor and white people were rich. Ohhhhh! (Yeah, she definitely screwed me up with that one! Don’t worry, I figured it out later.)

I’ve known Lenny for a few years and although this was our second time chatting, I’ve only had the best and most positive exprience with him. He knows his stuff and although I don’t agree with everything, I’m glad he was able to take some time out of his schedule to chat with us and drop some “actual factuals” (bars) about what’s really going on with the Re’pubs!

So what did we learn?

Some Republicans, believe it or not, want the same things we (the Dem’crats) want. It’s just not communcated that way.

I haven’t switched parties but I’m really glad Lenny came along to help settle our anxieties. (mine especially)

Listen to our podcast and see for yourself.

If you’re a visual person like our friend LaShawn “The Chatter Chick” Tipton, click on the videos and leave a comment.

Part One: Women’s Equality Day and the NBA/WNBA protests for racial injustice

Part Two: What is a Republican? Are all Republicans rude, rich and racist? What’s the deal?

Follow Lenny McAllister on Twitter @LennyMcAllister and on Instagram @LennyMcAllister.

Shouts out to Midday Personality (WAMO100), Portia Foxx for sitting in for Gerri “The Millennial Chick”. Follow her on Twitter and IG @Portia_Foxx!

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