The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (Aug 29): Republicans! Am I Right? [AUDIO/VIDEO]

This week, we are joined by Political Commentator and Republican strategist, Lenny Mc Allister. We had a lot of questions about the party along with some misconceptions and negativity in response to what’s being communicated by the current administration. We had no idea (well, I didn’t) that not all Republicans were racist, rich and/or rude.Continue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (Aug 29): Republicans! Am I Right? [AUDIO/VIDEO]”

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (July 11): When Your Lesbian Lover Is Terrible In Bed…What Do You Do? We Know! [AUDIO/VIDEO]

What do you do when your lesbian lover is terrible in bed? You write us and we try our best to help! See how we do! Click the link for the latest episode of The Hey Girl Hey Podcast.