Lipsync 4 Lupus Baltimore IS BACK!

Get ready Baltimore! Lipsync 4 Lupus is BACK!!!! This year, it’s open to the public! That means anyone can compete in the challenge! Join us at Bill Batemans Friday, April 5th at Bill Batemans in Reisterstown, Maryland! Invite your church group, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, school drama club or band, classmates, and even you andContinue reading “Lipsync 4 Lupus Baltimore IS BACK!”

Baltimore TV/Radio Personalities SYNC Up for the Return of LipSync 4 Lupus

Local Television/Radio Personalities Prepare for the Return of Lipsync 4 Lupus Fundraiser   Baltimore, MD. January 31, 2018: Local radio and television personalities will set aside their headphones and teleprompters in effort to help bring awareness and raise funds for lupus research. Lupus is an incurable, inflammatory disease that attacks the body’s tissue and organs,Continue reading “Baltimore TV/Radio Personalities SYNC Up for the Return of LipSync 4 Lupus”

Inspired,Victorious, Empowered: One On One w/ Vanessa Payne

When I asked Vanessa Payne if she would grant me an interview, her first response was “LOL! Wow! Thank you!” She was a bit nervous about it because no one really asks her about her life. They never ask her how she got to be so confident and strong as a woman living with Lupus.Continue reading “Inspired,Victorious, Empowered: One On One w/ Vanessa Payne”