This Radio Chick Rocks with J. Christin Fields [VIDEO]

The main character, Kai is very curious to know if any of his family members (including the cat) can smell what he smells. Throughout his adventure, Kai realizes that his inquisitiveness is unique and only one person understands that. His mom.

This Radio Chick Rocks with Paige Mitchell [VIDEO]

I can’t remember the first time I met Paige Mitchell. Actually, I have no memory on our first encounter and that’s ok. From whenever that first day was that I met this young lady, every time has always been warm, welcoming, and sisterly. I tell her all the time (at least I think I do)Continue reading “This Radio Chick Rocks with Paige Mitchell [VIDEO]”

ThisRadioChickRocks w/ Michele Newell, News Reporter for WPXI-Pittsburgh [VIDEO]

We text back and forth from time to time and it’s been that way for a good year and some change. I met Michele Newell, news reporter for Pittsburgh news station, WPXI (Cox Communications) when she stopped by the WAMO 100 studios to interview me about my brother who was then incarcerated and had beenContinue reading “ThisRadioChickRocks w/ Michele Newell, News Reporter for WPXI-Pittsburgh [VIDEO]”

ThisRadioChickRocks w/ Brandi “Inarbi Nicole” Brown, Baltimore Stylist and Businesswoman [VIDEO]

If anyone knows Brandi personally, then you know she never settles for mediocre. She will do whatever she has to do (except compromise her or her family’s integrity and reputation) to take care of those she loves and continue building her empire. She’s definitely that BOSS CHICK!

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast: Empowered Women, Empower Women Episode [VIDEO/AUDIO]

This week, we are joined by author and artist/creator of Brown Mama Monologues, Muffy Mendoza (Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love, and Home), and LaDina Anderson, author of “Killing Grace: A Rise to Restoration“. We discuss the coronavirus pandemic, things we never realized and spending money on dumb sh*t. AbortionContinue reading “The Hey Girl Hey Podcast: Empowered Women, Empower Women Episode [VIDEO/AUDIO]”

What’s Good In Ya Mental: A Discussion on Mental Health During A Pandemic

What’s Good In Ya Hood: Your Mental Health Matters Guests: Erica Givner, a licensed social worker at Vision Towards Peace Counseling Service Denetta Benjamin, Owner, and therapist of Focus on Life LLC Counseling Center and Exec. Dir. at The Sojourner House (licensed clinical social worker) w/ experience in both mental and substance use disorders. WhyContinue reading “What’s Good In Ya Mental: A Discussion on Mental Health During A Pandemic”

Hey Girl Hey Podcast w/ Special Guest, Author Carol Washington [AUDIO/VIDEO]

First 15 Lead In: Corona UPDATE Stimulus checks arrived Trump might lift the stay at home ban (you here for it?) Folks are getting more and more bored (TikTok dances *flip the switch/don’t rush/pillow challenges, IG concerts, etc.) Let’s Play “I never realized…”what are some of the things you’ve noticed now that you never noticedContinue reading “Hey Girl Hey Podcast w/ Special Guest, Author Carol Washington [AUDIO/VIDEO]”

Lipsync 4 Lupus Baltimore IS BACK!

Get ready Baltimore! Lipsync 4 Lupus is BACK!!!! This year, it’s open to the public! That means anyone can compete in the challenge! Join us at Bill Batemans Friday, April 5th at Bill Batemans in Reisterstown, Maryland! Invite your church group, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, school drama club or band, classmates, and even you andContinue reading “Lipsync 4 Lupus Baltimore IS BACK!”

Happy Galentines Day from This Radio Chick!

Hey ladies! I just wanted to share my heart with you and tell you how much happiness I have in it knowing my chicks in the media continue to break the glass ceilings and move big numbers in this crazy industry! It’s still my goal to get us together to share our “war stories” andContinue reading “Happy Galentines Day from This Radio Chick!”

Baltimore TV/Radio Personalities SYNC Up for the Return of LipSync 4 Lupus

Local Television/Radio Personalities Prepare for the Return of Lipsync 4 Lupus Fundraiser   Baltimore, MD. January 31, 2018: Local radio and television personalities will set aside their headphones and teleprompters in effort to help bring awareness and raise funds for lupus research. Lupus is an incurable, inflammatory disease that attacks the body’s tissue and organs,Continue reading “Baltimore TV/Radio Personalities SYNC Up for the Return of LipSync 4 Lupus”