So Now What?

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I’ve been on “leave” a total of 3 weeks and I’m losing my mind! You see, I had major surgery that caused me to take off work for a few weeks. The doctor told me that the surgery was pretty standard (of course it is, she’s a doctor…not the patient) and that my life will probably (yep…probably) be back to “normal” within the next few weeks.

After weeks of step by step walks, a few ouches and damn’s, I feel pretty good. I’m actually ready to come back to work! I’m ready to talk to my people! I’m ready to break the mic.

I feel lost! What’s going on? No! I know what’s going on thanks to the Today Show, Today’s Take, Kelly & Michael, Meredith, The View, The Talk, Steve Harvey, Ellen, the news, NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition… see what I did there?

When you’re not doing anything and you’re mind is open to so many thoughts, it’s a little hard to get a grasp on just one thing. I feel bad for those hard working Americans (in any industry) who work hard and get let go for whatever reason.

I am confident GOD knows what he’s doing and that a window is bound to open for us all!

So here I am today, blogging about how bored I am and how much I miss my job. I work hard and I hardly take time out for myself. So why is it that I’m complaining about being bored? I’m crazy I guess.

Good thing is, during this entire day, I started working on my non-profit, PO Box, and this blog site! So I guess you can say it’s not all that bad, right?

Have you ever been off work (fired, laid off, disability?) and felt this way? What did you do about it? Click here for tips. (you’re welcome)

So, why did I finally decide to start a blog? Well, I’ve been told to do this a long time ago. I figured this blog will give you a chance to witness how I live my life, how I think, and why I do what I do. People think I live my life differently since I’m a radio personality (nope). Just me! KiKi Brown….

Let’s have some fun!



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One thought on “So Now What?

  1. Hi KiKi, on my Instagram page, I noticed a Howard University colleague @mitsukochristian expressing her dissatisfaction of an article from the Cosmopolitan magazine titled “21 trends that needs to die in 2015”, she believed a boycott needs to take place until the author is reprimanded. I’m thinking maybe this is one of those instances where an individual was just being racially insensitve and I decided to read it myself. It appeared that in this article, all of the black beauties involved were considered not beautiful and ostracized. The article is short and takes 3 min to read with pictures declaring what’s beauty and what’s not. From a guy who don’t know nothing about this magazine, or the fashion world, it’s obvious that she may have an anti black beauty view. Here is the link:
    Please check it out


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