Holiday Stressin’ and Depression…It’s Common!

The holidays are here and while most of the world tis the season, others are suffering from the holiday hopelessness and depression. Myself included. Not sure where it comes from but I can say for me, it’s the expectations that come from family and work and life, really. Stressing about bills, gifts, trips, oh myContinue reading “Holiday Stressin’ and Depression…It’s Common!”

Can I Attend Your Christmas Party? No, I’m Serious!

Now, I’ve been invited to FEW (yes, that was shade) Christmas parties (not including my workplace “gatherings”) but I have NEVER been to a REAL Christmas party. You know the ones I’m referring to. Where everyone drinks from REAL wine glasses, with a waiter/waitress servingĀ h’ordervesĀ and a patiently waiting bartender ready to pour you a drinkContinue reading “Can I Attend Your Christmas Party? No, I’m Serious!”