This Natural Chick Rocks! One on One w/ Zarah Charm


You don’t have to be a natural girl to know this woman, but it would make more sense if you were.

I met Zarah Charm a few years ago when I wanted to make the transition from relaxer to natural (not once, but twice). My line sister told me about this chick who is “really talented and can do some hair” she told me. And she was right! (thanks Fab!)

So, I walked into the salon where this big haired, almond shaped eyed, bright smiling young lady was there to greet me. Her voice is soft and her handshake made a statement that said “I know what I’m doing”.  Call me crazy, but a handshake says a lot and I knew I was good from that point.

Zarah Charm is one of the most talented naturalist in Baltimore and I believe in other big cities because people travel to see her (one because she’s always booked and two…well, because she’s freakin’ awesome!) She’s so good, even songstress Marsha Ambrosius knows about her and she’s been featured in Essence Magazine!

I’m a tender-headed chick and it was never an issue. Zarah will refuse a relaxer in a minute so please don’t try it. She’s educated about natural hair so if you need a tip or some advice on how to treat your naps, feel free to hit her up!

Ok, enough of me blowing this girl’s head up any further. Check out my one-on-one w/ the ONE AND ONLY (there I go again..) Zarah Charm:


When did you start doing hair?

I began doing hair in 2002… not seriously but just to get by while I was in school.  I made it my full time career two years ago.

Who do you admire the most in the hair industry?

The hair industry is always changing… what is hot today in out tomorrow. Keeping up with the trends is fun! I’m always learning something new.

Why did you decide to do natural hair verses relaxed hair?

I decided to specialize in natural hair for several reasons. One reason is because it is healthier. Our skin absorbs everything that touches it… so if we are placing a harsh chemical on our scalp how is that affecting your health? Second, it is hard to find someone stylists willing to care for natural hair holistically.

What stands out about you that sets you aside from other stylists?

What sets me apart from other stylists is that I take care of holistically. I will prep your hair using quality products and gentle hands and style your hair giving you the look you’re going for… professional/conservative/playful/mature/eccentric… etc… What sets me apart is I have the hair to prove that I have growing hands… haha.

What irritates you the most about people and how they treat their hair?

What irritates me most is the person who is looking for hair advice and is not completely honest with me about what they’ve been doing to their hair. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what has been going on!

The biggest misconception about natural hair is…..? It is always big afros and uncombed naps. Natural hair does not equal unkempt.

zarah with client

When all else fails and your hair isn’t cooperating, your advice would be to………Let your hair do what it wants to do. Most of the time it doesn’t look as bad as you think it does.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I live in the moment. At this moment it’s all about hair J

How can people reach out to you?

If you would like to see my work or book an appointment check out

Instagram and Twitter: @ZarahCharm

Youtube Search: Zarah Charm

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