Can I Attend Your Christmas Party? No, I’m Serious!

2014-06-10 06.31.52Now, I’ve been invited to FEW (yes, that was shade) Christmas parties (not including my workplace “gatherings”) but I have NEVER been to a REAL Christmas party.

You know the ones I’m referring to. Where everyone drinks from REAL wine glasses, with a waiter/waitress serving h’orderves and a patiently waiting bartender ready to pour you a drink (for free I might add).

I want to know how I can get an invite to one of those parties! Don’t get me wrong, the “regular” parties that involve boxed wine, paper cups and plates, pot-luck, CD on repeat shing-digs are pretty cool. But can I experience this once in a lifetime moment to laugh at a few dry jokes and participate in some uncomfortable pop culture/political conversation?

Who throws these parties anyway? I’m thinking rich people! (that was a joke) I have associates that work in high profile positions (I think) but are they close enough to my social status to even get an invite or e-vite, text (not group), or Facebook event reminder to add me to their list of attendees?

I’m a pretty cool chick! I can chuckle with the best of them! If you’re considering sending me an invite to your not-so-regular holiday party, I’ll research every newspaper, watch every talk show (did plenty of that during my medical leave), and I’ll even work out to lose 10 pounds just so that I can look “the part”!

So, Matt Lauer, Ericka Hill, Mayor Rawlings-Blake,  Baltimore Ravens/Orioles…I’m waiting!

Ok…I’m done! Does this make any sense to you? A holiday party is a holiday party! It’s fun when you can enjoy the holidays with people you know and admire and can share personal and professional stories without feeling like you just sent an uncomfortable photo to the entire world, thinking you hit “delete” button. (witness)

So, either way…I’ll be happy just to get an invite! I’ll even bring a dish! Think about it! I’ll be here!

Oh and happy holidays! (insert cheesy smile)

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4 thoughts on “Can I Attend Your Christmas Party? No, I’m Serious!

  1. Me hubby and a girlfriend are doing NYC for thanksgiving fancy dinner that night. Parade in am. Join us. You do rock!!!!!


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