An Intimate Diary Of Radience Pittman! A Woman Of True Talent

promo-pic.jpgWe too met through an email. One that took me a few days to respond to when she wrote me asking me to host her one woman show last year at the Seed School (Baltimore).

I had no idea who Radience Pittman was, so I Googled her (of course) and man did I find a lot of information! She’s a mother, a writer, poet, actress, dancer and selfie queen (lol).

I agreed to emcee her performance titled An Intimate Diary Of Synthia which focused on several characters all connected through one person (Synthia) who was infected with the deadly AIDS virus.

Since that night, Radience and I have remained close friends. She and I would have discussions about life, love, friendship, and motherhood. She would ask me for advice and I would ask her to chill out. She’s a bit of a “drama queen” but I get it! She’s passionate about what she does and wants to make the RIGHT STATEMENT! Who wouldn’t? When you’re talking about topics on domestic violence or HIV/AIDS, the message has to be on point! So pardon Radience if you see her pace from one side of the room to the other or when she asks you questions over and over again. I love her! I love her talent and her gift to reach so many people through ART! God knew what he was doing when he created Ms. Radience Pittman. Yeah, she’s that good!

radience main

How did you get started with this project?

Well I decided that my art is my blessing. I wanted to share it with everyone. I am a mother of four so Broadway may not be conducive for raising children. Plus I yearned for more…beyond the lights…I wanted to reach people. Empower through entertainment. There are so many hurting from domestic violence. I felt it was time to address it…MY WAY!

radience 4

Why did you think it was important to touch on this particular subject?

Domestic Violence is something that happens every 15 seconds…I wanted to bring light to this subject and raise awareness of it. I also wanted people to see theater in a different way.










Whose story are you telling? Yours? Friends? Family?

I am a survivor of domestic violence… I share my story…the stories of every man, woman, and child whose voice is silenced due to domestic violence.

 radience 2









What’s been the biggest response from people who watched your performance?

My biggest response is “how do you do it?” or “How can I portray the life of so many different people?” also, “how impactful and captivating each story line is!”

 Me and Radience









Why do you think it’s important to have events like this?

It is important to reach people on any level necessary. People are drawn to entertainment…so why not educate, entertain, and empower?

radience 3










How can people reach out to you?


Instagram: @radienceontherise

Twitter: @theatre4lyfe

Facebook:  @Radience 

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