One Paparrazi Chick Even Kanye West Would Love: One on One w/ Quinn Conyers

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Quinn Conyers is a woman with ambition, spunk, a vision and talent! She knows it too! She doesn’t just settle for the NOW. She focuses on the TOMORROW.

I met Quinn when she started working as an account executive for Radio One Baltimore; later to find out we have a mutual acquaintance (family related).

Quinn, or the Purse Paparrazi, was always hosting these parties (I have yet to attend) that showcased these beautiful handbags and the women who were uber excited to have one in their “clutches”. (see what I did there?)

It’s not about her handbag business that I wanted to profile in this one one one with Quinn. She’s an entrepreneur; a visionary. She is a public speaker and a leader. She has taught college courses and energizes potential leaders to take the reigns of their own destiny and dominate. If you’re looking for a public speaker or a handbag wrangler, Quinn Conyers is that chick!

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What is your occupation?

Chief Fashion Officer (CFO) of Purse Paparazzi

How many careers/jobs have you had before you landed this one?

Numerous! I’ve always been in sales and marketing!


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Which one would you say you’re most proud of?

I’m most proud of creating the Purse Paparazzi. I love when women find a unique clutch or handbag they’ve never seen before! It’s an awesome feeling!


How did you get started in your career?  

My husband actually was selling bags first! When we made it a joint venture back in 2009, I create a name for the business The Purse Paparazzi, and began hosting purse parties at the homes of women who loved bags!

quinn 4

What’s the biggest misconception about what you do and how do you respond to it?

People think bags and clutches sell themselves! People don’t understand how much effort, marketing and promotion it takes to run my bag business!

Would you say that you understand the difference between gifts and talents? What are your gifts and talents?

Gifts are God given! You can do them without much instruction. I would say my gifts are speaking. I am a great speaker and this gift allows me to connect with customers and ultimately sell more bags and clutches. Talents are so closely related to gifts in that if you are talented in an area its in, but you still work on perfecting it!

quinn 5

Were you ever on the receiving end of a customer or client’s reaction that surprised you so much it made you think about why you do what you do? Describe.

When I began to offer my bags and clutches to women of various cultures, it was often times the first time they had seen a chic, edgy and trendy purse. They would often say “that’s it!” regarding the price which was very interesting because not all people responded that way. Their reaction confirmed my handbags were priced correctly.

(Example: when I did lending a helpful handbag for women of domestic violence, one woman pulled me to the side with tears in her eyes and told me how much she appreciated me doing the program. It wasn’t about the handbags, which she appreciated, but the thought of someone actually doing something to help her feel important and beautiful. It stopped me from breathing for a few seconds. I couldn’t believe a small idea to collect new/slightly worn handbags would get a reaction like that.)


Where do you see your business going in the next few years?

We will be creating custom magazine style clutches for women who share a common interest. For example will create and exclusive breast cancer clutch. The goal is merge fashion and marketing to create awareness or sisterhood around a group or cause. This concept takes t-shirts, hats and tote bags to a different level. Instead of a group of women wearing the same t-shirt my goal is for them to sport a custom clutch related to something they care about!

If there was something you’ve never done before but you were given the opportunity to do it today, what would it be?

I would travel the world and host my own LIVE sold out seminars. I would teach other entrepreneurs who sell products how to get paid, promoted and publicized!

What is your favorite quote and why?

“If you light yourself on fire, people will come watch you burn!” Don King.

I love this quote because its true and many people downplay their accomplishments so much so people don’t know they exist!

quinn 3

How can people reach out to you?

Twitter/FB/IG: @PursePaparazzi


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