This Chick Is Always Camera Ready! One on One w/ Anji Corely of HSN

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Anji Corely and I worked together for hmmm…wow! I would say close to 15-20 years!

She and I worked at the same radio station back in Pittsburgh. She was there as the promotions director before I got there, left then returned to host the morning show with my father (Sly Jock).

She dibbled and dabbled in radio off and on but her passion and true talent, in my opinion, was in movies and television. You saw Anji’s face on bus cards, billboards, television commercials and a few feature films.

This girl is truly talented and she’s a hard worker; giving her the name Energizer Bunny, which she’ll explain in her one on one.

Anji Corely 7

She doesn’t know it but she’s the one who taught me to stop saying “I’m tired” all the time. One night, after a long day at work, I ran into Anji at a play or concert. We embraced and she asked me how I was doing. I rolled my eyes and said “girl, I’m so tired”. She looked at me  as if to say “if you say that you’re tired one more time, Imma slap you!” And since then, I never said it…out loud!

I caught up with Anji (I call her JiJi…she calls me Koo Koo…don’t ask) at the BET Honors red carpet and it was Ki Ki and Ji Ji back together again!


She’s now a host on HSN and doing an amazing job! Anji Corely is the new definition of “Jack of all trades”. She can do it all and if she’s never done it, don’t worry…she will!


Anji Corely 5

Anji Corely, Host on HSN (Home Shopping Network) – We are worldwide reaching 95 million homes (24 hours a day, seven days a week, live 364 days a year). Finding me on the air is best described by varied. Each day, time and show depends on the day. HSN was founded 37 years ago as the first shopping network and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. We are a leading interactive multichannel retailer offering a curated assortment of exclusive products and top brand names to its customers. HSN incorporates entertainment, inspiration, personalities and industry experts to provide an entirely unique shopping experience. We invite our customers to discover exceptional selections in the following categories: Home / Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, Culinary, Fashion / Accessories, Jewelry, Electronics and more!

How long have you been in the radio/TV business? My career spans over twenty years! It’s a path that began as an intern to Promotions Director, actress in local theater to on-air radio, entertainment to traffic reporter and now I add the title of Television Host. Believe it or not – they are all related, interchangeable and about relationships! I am on a mission to “Anjitize” around the world.

Anji Corely 2

What was it about radio/TV that struck your interest? It’s funny because I was never quite interested in radio and that has been the specific field that has been the longest, had the most training and taken me on the wildest whirlwind. Back in 1999, I was asked by my first General Manager at the landmark radio station 106.7 WAMO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to “fill in” for female member of the morning show while she was on vacation. She never returned, I never left and the spark was lit! Radio’s energy is addictive, power mixed with passion and the fun was outstanding and ever-changing. No two days to be alike for me as the Energizer Bunny – as I’m affectionately known.  I really do keep going and going!  I thank God daily for the unrelenting fire and talent to go tirelessly and successfully.  He is so good!!


Is the transition from radio to TV a challenge? It was fairly easy to make the transition from radio to TV for me since I have always enjoy a “Slash” career – which means I have multiple concurrent careers. If I wasn’t at one studio – it was another. A sample day for me might be an early start at 4A on the morning show, leave to shoot a commercial or audition, scoot to theater for rehearsal and then record a TV show, and then host an opening or event then jet home by 1A. So sleeping and eating came in spurts and I learned quickly the benefits of a power nap.

Anji Corely 3

Which do you like the most? I love both – that’s real.  Radio gave me the local connection to the community and TV is more global


Do you miss radio? If so, why? Radio has a style all its own and do I miss it? I miss what it WAS. Fun, sporadic, wild, full of life and where music was the main star, but the personalities could be a personality.  All that magic, authenticity and lasting connection with your audience is different. Plus, now our phones, tablets, apps, downloads, mp3’s; even CDs, reality shows, and syndication is trendy.  Radio has taken somewhat of a backseat.


What is the negative about being on TV? No real challenges, just totally different! As a host on HSN – this is real LIVE television!  No scripts! People can’t believe that we talk from one to four hours straight with no teleprompter. Thank goodness our crew, staff, coordinators, producers, and directors support us to the max.  It’s been the most rewarding and remarkable experience. I can’t believe it’s been over three years. I was told that radio would be the best training and it was!!

Another spectrum I developed was always being “ready.” I have to be ready with hair done, nails done, wardrobe done…everything did. Lol

What is the absolute positive thing about being a television star? I get to share more of me.


Anji Corely 1

What was it that surprised you about something you did and you had just realized it? I can be me. Flaws and all.  We are live, but mistakes, mispronunciations, weight fluctuation, bad hair days and made up words to express a point – it’s all good here. Gotta love that.  Were like a reality show that inspires you positively.  It is fun here! During one recent presentation – all live and unscripted now – knocked a plate in the kitchen of a shelf and after a loud crash of a gazillion pieced, I looked at the camera and said, “Well that goes to show you, we are live and things happen. Welcome to HSN.”  I owned, embraced and laughed at it….on air! How refreshing is that.

Who are you mentors? My Mother! Too much to say and I’m tearing up with joy and gratefulness thinking about how she has shaped, influenced, created, carried and supported me on this journey of life that is still going!  Next is HSN Inc.’s Chief Operations Officer, Mindy Grossman, who offers me continual motivation. Also, how she grows and oversees this $3.4 billion portfolio, numerous ranking, awards, recognition and throughout the process, she consistently drives us in supporting philanthropic organizations around the globe both personally and professionally.


There are women in the media industry that are welcoming and helpful and then there are those who aren’t as supportive as you’d hope they would be. How do you adjust to that? Throughout my media career which is most of my life, women have not been available. Mentors are hard to come by. Trust me, I’ve done the leg work.  I adjusted to this missing support by promising to be what I didn’t have. I’ve been mentoring for 15 years as a one-on-one mentor to holding board positions.  Good news is the slow and steady paradigm shift is underway in media. Thankfully, as much as I give to others through my mentoring endeavors, I have received through mentors.

What is the reason for your positive attitude? God has given me talents, time and treasures that is not meant to share.  I want people to feel Him in me. Being grateful for all things, yes, good and bad keeps me positive. Things will turn around and I remain faithful and might have to fake a smile until it really is.  We are all equip to endure.

Anji Corely 4

Is there ever a moment you want to say NO!!!!!!! (?) If so, what is that moment? Each new job I wanted to say “No” because they were all unknown, frightening, new adjustments and even new cities. I hated goodbyes. Now…I’m like, “Show me the way, Lord! Let’s go.” I’m enthralled with new experiences. Keeps me fresh.

At the end of the day, the cameras are off, the make-up is off, the shoes are off…what does ANJI CORELY do to unwind? Singing like I’m a finalist for American Idol, catching a flight out of town, hitting the beach, watching cooking, renovation and bridal shows and being silent!

Anji Corely 6

What is your guilty pleasure? Ben’s Chili Bowl Half-Smoked, Peach cobbler, carbs and missing boot-camp without guilt!

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment in your adult life? Getting caught by my Mom in a compromising position! Now we laugh about it.



What genre of music do you like to listen to the most and why? Honestly, I vacillate between old, middle and new school then I fly to classical and jazz, workout to pop and top 40. I flip more than the Gabby Douglas in the ’12 Summer Olympics. (I’m sad today’s rap is temporary and a #awnawhellnaw!)

What is your LET IT GO song? (one that you would absolutely lose your mind listening to) Most old school Rap and Dancehall Reggae!  Also, “Before I Let Go” – Frankie Beverly and Maze

Anji Corely 8

You’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities, was there ever a time you had an uncomfortable interview or encounter where it went terribly wrong? Describe. In all my years of interviewing from the White House to red carpets to celebs live, not one went left….yet!

What’s the biggest misconception about you? The biggest conception is that I’m the Energizer Bunny – Oh, yes I am and it’s all natural. But I do stop when needed. I’m the Queen of Naps…15 minutes can be a life-saver.

Who’s in your iPod/radar? I don’t even use my iPod right now except to store my 20K songs! Apps, streaming music and listening to podcasts/blogs and radio stations around the county is my radar.



What do you want your legacy to be?  A legacy as a woman who had a giving compassionate heart for others who


Biggest regret is….not running away fast enough away from toxic people and things.


What is something you’ve NEVER had? EVER! A Grammy, Tony, Oscar or People’s Choice award!


Anji Corely 5

How can people reach out to you?

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @AnjiCorley

Email: ac@anjicorley and!




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