Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Feb 29, 2020 w/ special guest Ericka Johnson of Gwen’s Girls of Pittsburgh

This week, LaShawn, Gerri and Ki Ki are joined by Youth Development Specialist for Gwen’s Girls of Pittsburgh, Ericka Johnson.

Word On The Curb is…Eatin’ Crow Ain’t Too Bad, huh Uncle Snoop? [AUDIO]

Word on the curb is Toni Braxton has new music coming, Kaepernick still can’t get a job, and Snoop Dogg eats crow! Click here for more.

Word On The Curb Is…Jay Z Said Sitting Isn’t Protesting! It’s Sitting…[AUDIO]

Long stroy short, Jay explains, 50 Cent wins, Kevin Hart isn’t being sued (this time) Read more here.

Word On The Curb Is…Azriel’s Tuning Lemons Into Lemonade [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is…

The NBA World Lost A Legend [VIDEO]

I remember taking my younger brother to see Kobe when he played at the McDonald’s All American basketball classic here in Pittsburgh. He was only in high school at the time but since then, I was amazed at his talent.

This Week on The Hey Girl Hey Podcast [VIDEO]

The ladies of the Hey Girl Hey Podcast are joined by Pittsburgh businessman, Chef Claudy Pierre of Arnold’s Tea to “spill the tea” on #lizzo#fatshaming#rkelly#girlfights👊 #blackgreeks vs. #nonGreeks and why #lonilove says #blackmen are #unfaithful (#slavery)   Check out the clip: Tune in every Saturday at 9:30A for new episodes LIVE via Live365 and TuneInContinue reading “This Week on The Hey Girl Hey Podcast [VIDEO]”

Finding Randi: An Inspiring Story About Adoption and Reflection

  [This story was originally posted on UrbanMediaToday.com]   This isn’t an entertainment report but more of an inspiring moment for those who have experienced the adoption process. I met this young lady by the name of Randi James at a dinner party of a mutual church friend. I had never seen anyone like herContinue reading “Finding Randi: An Inspiring Story About Adoption and Reflection”

I Am Whole Mentoring Program For Young Ladies Coming To Pittsburgh

I met a young lady a few months ago through a business contact and I was amazed by her excitement when she was sharing with me her vision about a new non profit she had been working on called I Am Whole Mentoring. That young lady was Maryilyn Hornsby (pictured below in the center), the FounderContinue reading “I Am Whole Mentoring Program For Young Ladies Coming To Pittsburgh”

Wait! Whet??? Kendu Wants MJB To Pay How Much In Spousal Support?

I’m not sure if you agree but I don’t think Kendu (Mary J. Blige’s soon to be ex-husband) deserves any type of settlement, but obviously a divorce court judge might feel he does. The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Kendu Isaacs WANTS MJB to pay HIM (yes…she has to pay HIM) $100K a month inContinue reading “Wait! Whet??? Kendu Wants MJB To Pay How Much In Spousal Support?”