The “All Of The Above” Chick: One on One w/ April Sampe

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I have NEVER met a woman so confident in my life until I met April Sampe.

I don’t mean conceited-confident! I mean knowing you’re talented, beautiful, exotic, and flawed confident. I mean a woman who can make a funeral turn up just by walking in the room, confident! (OK, that was a bit much, but you get where I’m going with this?)

April Sampe is a woman who knows what she has, where it came from, where she’s going and how she got it! Oh and she knows what to do with it too!

As a woman of voluptuousness, I am learning so much from Sampe and I do hope she can tell that I’m watching her every move. She’s always camera ready, ready to take the mic (to say hello, of course), and ready for anything that comes her way! You can’t help but say “yaaaaaassss!!!” when she walks in the room! (give it a try and I BET you say it lol)

We are several years apart and as the older sista, I kinda wanna be like her when I grow up!

She and Radio Chick Rocks alum KissiB have inspired and entertained me so much, I can’t help but admit that I’m a true fan. And once you hear their voices, you will become one too!

Hold onto you hats ladies and gents! April Sampe is about to shake it up!


April Sampe 5

Where are you from? 

Prince Georges County, MD


How long have you been singing? 

20 Years

April Sampe 2

What genre of music do you really like to listen to the most and why?

Soul. I love how each song tells a real story. I feel as if each song is a poem put to music.


What is your LET IT GO song? (one that you would absolutely lose your mind listening to)

Never Felt This Way by Brian McKnight


April Sampe 3 (April and R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn)

Was there ever a time you had an uncomfortable experience where it went terribly wrong? Describe. I worked with a radio personality many years ago who told me that I was not pretty enough for radio. He said that based on my look alone I would not make it a day in the music industry.


april Sampe 6

Who was the best celebrity encounter and why?

Cicely Tyson. She had her assistant come to get me after I finished singing for the POTUS, she said that she loved my voice and that my stage performance was wonderful and she asked me for a hug.


Who was the worst? 

I can’t say that I have one.


April Sampe 1

What’s the biggest misconception about  April Sampe?

People think that I consider myself a diva but I am far from it. I have performed at places and before & afterwards helped the servers/bartenders set up/clean up. I have gotten dressed for a BIG event in a public restroom because the other artists felt that they couldn’t share the dressing room with an “unknown artist”. I didn’t see a point of going back and forth because I know that I am not here to belittle anyone I am here to perform for the audience that came to hear me.



Who in this industry do you admire the most?

I admire Erykah Badu, mainly because her stage performance takes you places. She commands her audience and her voice is amazing. If you listen to her music on the radio it seems just ordinary, but when she hits the stage her voice transforms to total awesomeness.



April Sampe 8

Why is it difficult for Baltimore artists to get radio play or record deals? 

I think for many artist in general, not just in the Baltimore market, it is lack of professional product. Many people have a product to push however it is not properly mixed or mastered – not to mention the package is not together. Many people just want the fame yet they don’t want to do what it takes to get it.


What sets you aside from other Baltimore artists?

I had a tumor in my throat and was told that I would lose my voice once it was removed. Well, I lost my voice for a few months and since I’ve gotten it back I will rise and grind until I am number one. I think that having this happen to me lets me know that I have been chosen to “make it”. My hard work & dedication will speak for itself.


April Sampe 7

What song is the most difficult song to perform and why?

I wrote a song called Every Woman after getting my voice back. Usually around my anniversary I break down when I sing that song.

What are your thoughts about independent artists and nationally recognized artists? 

I feel that the independent artist are usually the ones who really invest in themselves. If you believe in yourself you are already successful.


Do programs like YouTube, and Spotify give artists a bad name or a greater advantage of being recognized?

I guess it’s a bit of both because it can make the worst performer a star. I think of JJ Ice Fish and how “well” he’s doing. He has many followers and is making real money on doing guest appearances, commercials, and performing.



What was the best advice anyone ever gave you?

James Collins (with Fertile Ground) told me to always know my worth in this industry. He said, in order for me to grow I must be confident know what I am capable of and then the world will know it.


How do women in this industry receive you verses men? 

I think that I am received well by both.


Where is your dream stage? 

I know that it sounds strange but I would love to perform on Good Morning America.


What do you want your legacy to be? 

I want to people to focus on the real beauty of a person. I believe that’s what makes a person beautiful is their imperfections. I love to experience true beauty, what a person looks like on the inside. I want people to touch people with the beauty of my music and who I really am.


Biggest regret is….

Not making my music my #1 priority when I was first starting out.


If you didn’t sing, what would be your other great talent? (Or what can you do in addition to your singing?) 

I would be a Bank Manager


April Sampe 9

If I were a teacher, I would teach (fill in the blank and explain)…

Financial literacy. It is desperately needed among minorties.


April Sampe 4

How can people reach out to you?





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