Media Junkie Chick Rocks The Mic: One On One w/ Tasha Simone of Hot 1077 B’ham!

Have you read the one about…



We met in LA! We walked down Rodeo Drive like we owned it! Taking selfies and waving at strangers as if we were in a parade!

In addition to the other radio chicks that I met during our 24 hour trip to LA for the Baggage Claim junket, radio personality Tasha Simone and I clicked almost immediately!

We discussed our passion for radio and wondered why it was so hard for other radio chicks to click the way that we did! I told her about the mission to create a female friendly network for women in radio and without asking any questions, the midday personality for Hot 1077 Birmingham was on board!

Tasha’s so cool, she didn’t even snitch on me when I “borrowed” the salt & pepper shaker from the Four Seasons Hotel restaurant. She a ride or die chick, for real! Haaa!!!

We tweet from time to time…

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