One Paparrazi Chick Even Kanye West Would Love: One on One w/ Quinn Conyers

Have you read this awesome story on this awesome chick?


2014-06-10 06.31.52

Quinn Conyersis a woman with ambition, spunk, a vision and talent! She knows it too! She doesn’t just settle for the NOW. She focuses on the TOMORROW.

I met Quinn when she started working as an account executive for Radio One Baltimore; later to find out we have a mutual acquaintance (family related).

Quinn, or the Purse Paparrazi, was always hosting these parties (I have yet to attend) that showcased these beautiful handbags and the women who were uber excited to have one in their “clutches”. (see what I did there?)

It’s not about her handbag business that I wanted to profile in this one one one with Quinn. She’s an entrepreneur; a visionary. She is a public speaker and a leader. She has taught college courses and energizes potential leaders to take the reigns of their own destiny and dominate. If you’re looking for a public speaker or…

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