The Royal Hypeness Chick: One on One w/ AngieAnge of WKYS



I’m in my Operations Manager’s office and I’m talking to him about my dreams of starting a non profit. He offers his advice and support, then gets on the phone. I’m like “did this dude just make a phone call in the middle of our conversation?”

The person he called was a person whom he admired and trusted; someone he knew would help me and give me all the information I needed. He called Angie Ange of WKYS in Washington, DC.

After the small talk, he then said “I have my midday girl in my office…” and she said “Ki Ki Brown Holdin’ it down!!!” Wait! What???? She knew who I was!

I was shocked because I was new to the market and didn’t think SHE would be someone who listened to me. I mean, DC is a top 10 market and who thinks about the midday girl in Baltimore?

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