E Report: R. Kelly’s Ex-TOM BOY-Girlfriend SPEAKS OUT [AUDIO]

The E-Report (1)

Today’s celebrity news has me clutching my pearls! From really desperate celebrity housewives’ college cheating scandals to escaped ex-girlfriends spilling all the hot tea! I can’t keep up!

Here’s the E-Report:


Dominique Garner, the former girlfriend to R. Kelly, finally speaks out about her “time” with the R&B singer.

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The Jasmine Brand reports:

Gardner first told The New Yorker that she didn’t watch the documentary.

“What’s the point of seeing it when I lived it? People are using it as entertainment when it wasn’t entertainment for me, you know?”

Gardner, who revealed she has two tattoos of R. Kelly’s face on her body, also always said that R. Kelly had eyes her on, and believes he continued to watch her after she left him. “I wouldn’t put it past him to have his guys following me.”


The Millennium Tour, starring R&B boy/man band B2K just started, and already there’s a break-up! Band member, Raz B took to social media in his feelings and apparently (and briefly) quit the tour, sighting an issue with former band manager, Chris Stokes.

The Jasmine Band reports:

Group member, Raz B, blindsided fans – taking to his Instagram Story to declare that he was quitting the “Millennium Tour” within their first week on the road. He typed this initial message:


He, then, recorded a video of himself explaining that if their former manager, Chris Stokes, would be on the tour, he wouldn’t feel safe enough to continue.

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I have been really in my feelings about this story concerning celebrity moms Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin who apparently thought their privilege-card could get them past the FBI  who found out the two (and 48 others) were involved in a college-entrance scam. Both women have been arrested (Felicity now released. Lori turned herself in this morning). I have no idea why they thought this was the right thing to do. This devastates me and I wish it was a bad dream!

TMZ reports:

Sources familiar with the arrest tell TMZ, 7 FBI agents showed up at Felicity’s Hollywood Hills home at 6 AM and drew their weapons as they ordered Felicity to come out and surrender.

We’re told Felicity, her husband William H. Macy and their 2 daughters were asleep when the agents ordered her out. Our sources say she knew the arrest was looming and would have gladly surrendered on her own, but the feds saw it differently.


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