Word On The Curb is…HFPD Won’t Back AB Up Anymore! Rips Donation Checks [AUDIO]

Wherever “it’s going down”, Atlanta rapper and Love & Hip Hop ATL castmate, Yung Joc might be the rideshare driver to get you there. Before you assume he’s fallen on hard times, Joc says it’s a way to show our younger generation responsibility and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you have to take on an extra hustle (or two). He’s doing fine (we think). Click the link for more! 


If you’re ever in Mississippi, for whatever reason, try hard NOT to get arrested and sent to prison. Your stay there won’t be a pleasant one. Fortunately for those too hard to listen to the warning, two big-name celebrities are working hard to make sure the prisons in Mississippi are less inhumane for inmates. Rapper and Mississippi native, Yo Gotti and mogul Jay Z are making every effort to get the attention of the government in the southern state. You may have to wait on that armed robbery attempt. Nothing’s been confirmed yet. Click here for more. 

Welp! Antonio Brown can forget about getting the support of the Hollywood, Florida Police Department for anything else in the near future. It looks like the incident that took place early December caused the HFPD to decide to no longer accept any further donations from the defamed wide receiver to support the department’s 7-on-7 league. They also warned Brown in an official statement that he’s no longer allowed to practice at their football facility or else he’ll be arrested for trespassing. I hope he won’t need any back up any time soon! You know AB’s in trouble pretty much every week nowadays. Click here for more! 

Click the link to hear today’s Word On The Curb Entertainment Report:


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