Word On The Curb Is…Jussie Thought We Forgot [AUDIO]

Long story short, word on the curb is:

Jussie Smollett was recently indicted on six counts of false reporting and disorderly conduct. This incident happened in early 2019 where the former Empire star claims two men jumped him and tied a noose around his neck shouting racial and gay slurs. The charges were dropped and everything faded to black until recent when a special prosecuter determined “reasonable grounds” gives this some gas to move forward. I think Chicago authorities are (or were) embarrassed for falling for the banana in the tail pipe and want Jussie to pay for it! But I’ll wait. Click here for more.

Photo credit Los Angeles Times

NBA star, Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter, Gianna were finally laid to rest in a private ceremony in Los Angelos earlier this week. Fans will have a chance to say their goodbyes in a public memorial service February 24th at the Staples Center. The additional lives lost in the tragic helicopter crash will have memorial services in the weeks to come. Click here for more.

More on Romeo (Miller or Lil Romeo to the OGs) who’s reported to have allegedly quit the reality show “Growing Up Hip Hop”. No word from his camp but rumors circulate that Romeo hasn’t been seen in the show for several episodes reportedly to spend more time “doing him”, tending to his businesses and to his girlfriend.

And finally, actress Gabrielle Union is seeking revenge in a recent lawsuit against former AGT co-judge and executive producer, Simon Cowell for endangering her life (he was smoking on set during breaks) during her time there. In my opinion (which nobody asked), she could be reaching with this one, but I’ma let her be great!

Here’s my full Word On The Curb entertainment report:


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